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People often ask me what I use or recommend in business. The following list contains tools I use, resources I recommend and things I’ve created. I hope you find it helpful!

What I’m Using Currently For My Business:

ThriveCartThis cart has been an amazing addition to my busines recently! I have been searching for YEARS for a shopping cart I can recommend to my community that is easy to use and affordable. ThriveCart is a one-time fee and allows you to do cart salespages (all my products are setup that way), digital download products, full courses and even memberships (both with the NEW “Learn” platform included).

ConvertKit – Great email software with a high deliverability rate. I love that it’s so easy to use and just works! I’ve tried a lot of email software programs and this is the one I’ve settled on.

WordPress – This runs my websites now and always has. I have been using WordPress since 2006 and have never found a better website solution. I know how to make WordPress EASY to run by keeping it light! Use the best themes and don’t overload it with Plugins you don’t need. It’s free (open source) and you can install WordPress with most hosting accounts (so start with hosting).

Astra – I’m building websites on Astra now with NO NEED for complicated and code-heavy theme builders. I love keeping things light and easy on my websites, that’s my goal. Astra really does an awesome job of helping me with that. This site was built on Astra only, no web builders needed.

MomWebs Hosting – I love this hosting company. What you want in a GOOD hosting company is one that will support you in any technical issues and one that works. MomWebs does support better than ANY hosting company I’ve ever seen. I’m using the $50/month VPS Plan but you can start with a $5/month Mini Plan. – Super easy to use timer to have on hand right by going to the url in your browser. For example go to

Trello – I’m currently using this program for my project management and really love it. It’s easy to use, you can assign work to your team and the drag and drop feature makes it super easy to sort and update.

WiseStamp – Customize your email signatures in Gmail.

Social Media Tools:

MissingLettr – Instead of lasting a brief moment in time my content has a long life thanks to this automated program. It takes a blog post and turns it into year-long social media posts so that people see my posts even after I’ve long forgot I wrote them!

Other Recommended Links:

Coach Glue Business Planners – These planners will help you work through a specific task in your business… like blogging, Linked In, webinars, sales funnels, affiliate marketing, etc.

Cindy Bidar Operations Checklists & Manual – When Cindy was a business manager you could hear her name come up again and again and again as a recommended, trusted and savvy member of any team. She’s inside many successful businesses and now she’s using her smarts to help people with her training and resources. Grab this checklists, I did.
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