I Use & Recommend This

People often ask me what I use or recommend in business. The following list contains tools I use, resources I recommend and things I’ve created. I hope you find it helpful!

What I’m Using Currently For My Business:

SendGrid – To send emails from Amember

Aweber – Email Software. I switched from Active Campaign.

Active Campaign – Email Software, also testing the CRM feature and using the $5//month add on website chat feature

Memberoni – WordPress Theme for creating a customer area with sorted courses, set permissions to courses based on product purchased. See LL YOU for how that’s set up. Thrive Architect – Optin & Salespages (you know we were talking today so I haven’t even tried this yet)

Invision Power Board – Forum 

Thrive Architect – I’m using this page builder to create great-looking pages easily.

Amember Shopping Cart – I’ve used Amember for over 10 years now and so I really can’t compare it to anything else on the market for you. I know for me it’s a very affordable shopping cart! You pay about $180 for the software that gets installed on your website (by Amember for free I believe). Then you can use it for one-time sales, membership offers and an affiliate program, too. I pay sometimes to have techy people update or customize it and I pay about $80 a year for software updates. Much cheaper than online hosted carts with affiliate programs.

MomWebs Hosting – I love this hosting company. What you want in a GOOD hosting company is one that will support you in any technical issues and one that works. MomWebs does support better than ANY hosting company I’ve ever seen. I’m using the $50/month VPS Plan but you can start with a $5/month Mini Plan.

E.ggtimer.com – Super easy to use timer to have on hand right by going to the url in your browser. For example go to e.ggtimer.com/

PushCrew – Love this tool for pushing content out. You can send push notices about ANY content you have, not just blog posts.

Trello – I’m currently using this program for my project management and really love it. It’s easy to use, you can assign work to your team and the drag and drop feature makes it super easy to sort and update.

Amazon s3 – This is a really, REALLY affordable service from Amazon that lets you store your files (pdf, mp3, mp4, zip) for download. It’s a great way to keep everything safe and accessable, too.

WiseStamp – Customize your email signatures in Gmail.

Social Media Tools:

MissingLettr – Instead of lasting a brief moment in time my content has a long life thanks to this automated program. It takes a blog post and turns it into year-long social media posts so that people see my posts even after I’ve long forgot I wrote them!

Other Occasional Tools:

Fresh Title & Title Analyzer – Neat tools to help you find title ideas for emails, blog posts and products and then to analyze them for their marketing impact.

Other Recommended Links:

Thrive Themes and Plugins – I have used this theme and plugins for my site and I loved them. They suddenly stopped working for me so I did end up switching to Elementor but I know many people who still use this theme successfully so I’m still recommending it here if you want another option from what I’m using.

Coach Glue Business Planners – These planners will help you work through a specific task in your business… like blogging, Linked In, webinars, sales funnels, affiliate marketing, etc.

Cindy Bidar Operations Checklists & Manual – When Cindy was a business manager you could hear her name come up again and again and again as a recommended, trusted and savvy member of any team. She’s inside many successful businesses and now she’s using her smarts to help people with her training and resources. Grab this checklists, I did.
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