Heyyy..... Welcome to my site.  Isn't it fun meeting someone new? I love it! 

I love finding out their story, understanding what makes them tick, learning about their passions. 

When I meet new business owners I ALWAYS want to hear about what they're doing to fulfill their need for an income (like we all have) and to fill their heart to the brim with excitement and passion! 

A little on me and why this site exists:
I'm a mom of two, Hayden (19) and Ella (7). I started my first business when Hayden was four months old. I wrote my first HTML code in 1999 and built a website for fun! In 2002 when Hayden was born I took those hobby-skills of writing a simple website and I turned it into an online business. 

I've sold TONS of things online - bath & body products, candles, makeup, digital products, services, coaching and more.  I use my experience to help others succeed and I'd love to help you, too! 

Oh and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the beach and am so grateful to live less than 10 mins from Lake Ontario. 

I love to offer help on my blog. Here are my latest posts:

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