Your Vision Sets Your Direction

While I was on a playdate with a friend of mine and our daughters, she asked me “What drives you in your business?”

We had been talking about the sheer determination with which I’d grown my business. That it took me over 10 YEARS to hit my first six figure income and that I would absolutely, positively not give up even when it SEEMED like I was losing at the entrepreneurship game. 

I loved the question. 

It made me stop and think. 

My answer was threefold:

1. Freedom – I started my business for my son. He was just four months old when I decided that I could not leave his precious little face for 10+ hours per day to be at a job that I hated. I couldn’t do it, wouldn’t do it, so I started a business.

2. Vision – I have this vision. It fuels me and fills my heart because I believe it. I believe that the more people who are creating their own income and their own freedom, the better our world wil be. I believe that I can play a role in helping people actually believe it’s possible and then teaching them HOW to make it happen. 

3. Money – So, yea, I like money. I like to pay my mortgage. I like going on vacation. I like giving back. I like going out to dinner, etc, etc, etc. The money driving factor isn’t the first on my list, but it’s an important one, too. 

What Drives Your Business

Most people are pretty used to the idea of Freedom and Money being the benefits of running a digital business, especially if you build in passive or recurring income and work smart, but not everyone thinks about their business “Vision”. 

Have you? Do you? 

What I want to know, really, is if you believe you can make a difference in the world and, if so, are you willing to create, commit to and announce a VISION for your business. 

It’s bigger than a Why.
It’s bolder than a Product.
It’s more impactful that a Tagline.

A lack of vision can leave you feeling stuck, stalled, unsure of what to do or where to do. 

On the flipside, a clear vision can have you whipping through decisions, plopping out products and doing things you’d never have imagined before. 

Finding your own vision can feel challenging. You might not get it from the beginning of starting your business. It can take a lot of shifting and moving and questioning through your business before it really comes to you.

My vision was NOT something I saw in the very beginning. At the beginning of my business all I could think about was how I could make an income to be home with my son. I had money struggles and that consumed me a LOT of the time. If I could go back and give myself any advice it would be to get to work on the mindset because I know realize how focusing on that need to make money had me working in a mentality of LACK and that it no environment to foster a vision.

It’s the difference between building my business to help myself and my son and building my business to help the WORLD. I know the kind of ripple effect my training and your training can have! I know this now after many years of getting that feedback. I wish I knew it back then.

Be open to your vision. Be aware it’s an incredible thing to find. Be waiting for the signs that it’s already there, in you, just waiting to be found.

Peace ?, Love ? & Laptops ?,

Angela Wills
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