Why Nutrition Matters to Me

This is embarrassing but if it helps someone I’m willing to post it and share…

The photo on the left is me at 16 years old.

I was in the early stages of what was a thirty year battle with my skin and self confidence.

It goes something like this…

The girl on the left knew nothing of nutrition. She loved to drink at least a litre of milk a day, chocolate milk, chocolate bars, chips, pasta, so much cheese, boxed and canned foods. Nothing was off limits, really. She didn’t really like veggies and rarely ate fruits. No vitamin supplements, probably extremely nutrient deficient.

She clearly had an issue with her diet, if anyone asked.

But no one did.

Her body was literally crying out for help and better nutrition but she was clueless.

Doctor after doctor gave her pills for acne and it just got worse and worse, or at best not better.

The lady on the right is still healing from a life of bad choices around food. Her thyroid is gone so she’s permanently on that medication only, no more acne medication, ever.

That last run with Accutane in her late twenties really turned her off those drugs.

She’s never real ever fed her body to nourish it except when she was pregnant. Her maternal instinct somehow overrode everything else and told her to eat the salads, take the supplements and eat to grow the healthiest children possible.

She’s worked on loving herself, on wanting to eat veggies, on being kind to her body rather than being at war with it.

And then 16 months ago she found a product, a company and a community that provided the means, the motivation and the clarity on how to eat to take care of her body, her skin and her inherent value.

Of course that company was Juice Plus, those products are below and that team is the very one you’re in the group for.

The picture on the right is her today. No makeup. No filters. No cystic acne. Her skin is not perfect. It won’t ever be. There are occasional slip ups and break outs. The scars remain.

But she’s feeding her body now with greens that are the cleanest possible from the Tower Garden.

She’s nourishing her inside with the nutrition of over thirty fruits and veggies from the Juice Plus Capsules.

She’s feeling confident in her choices with the Complete shakes that are delicious and load her up with more nutritious value.

She’s focused, most of the time, on whole foods and avoiding processed non food.

And she’s hopeful, even confident, her skin will get better and better with time and continued following her regimen listed above.

She doesn’t hate her skin anyone. There are days she can actually see herself instead of acne when she looks in the mirror. It’s like she’s discovering herself under it all for the first time in thirty plus years. โค๏ธ


That’s a bit of my story.

I know it was a little long so I thank you for reading this far.

This is just ONE of the many reasons I am in love with the Juice Plus products, company and team.

If you’re on the fence or even over the fence but not taking your products I would say give it some time, some dedication and some trust.

You might be amazed and grateful that you did, as am I.


Talk soon
Angela Wills
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