Why I Believe in Network Marketing

I’ve joined eight network marketing businesses in total.

In each one I saw huge benefits and potential from the model itself.

It was on the actual company to deliver in a way that hit all the points and while I had fun in some and made a little money in others, none quite met the full potential of what I had hoped for. That is until the most recent company I’ve joined.

The BIGGEST thing I was looking for was a beautiful community I could plug into. I was looking for it LOCALLY but guess what? I found this business during Covid so local or not, EVERYTHING was online. It didn’t matter. The sense of welcoming, supportive, deeply in service this community showed me was overwhelming. I cried happy tears of finally finding a place that would support my goals, help me grow and allow me to make a greater impact in the world.

I joined my company for the PRODUCT, the Tower Garden, and I didn’t even realize it was Network Marketing. All I knew was if I could get a discount by signing up, I was in! And IN I went.

So this company hit all the other points on what I thought a great network marketing company could be:

  • Amazing quality product that impacts lives.
  • A compensation plan that honors the SALE of products and provides true potential to earn well for your work.
  • Proven marketing systems that serve the customers and feel totally authentic (aka. don’t spam your highschool friends on Facebook).
  • Ongoing training, coaching, goal-setting and accountability.
  • Recognition of achievements and rewards for doing so (monetary, gifts).

Touching on the last point, I’ve been in business for myself since 2002 and there has never been a time when someone was keeping tabs on my achieving a new level in business, until now. My sponsor in this business is not only connecting with me to invite me to keep aiming higher but she also celebrates with me and to our group of peers when I do. That in kind of recognition is motivating and it’s nice and it’s something I didn’t know I was missing until now.

In the end Network Marketing, Direct Sales, MLM or whatever you choose to call it is a tool. Like money is a tool. Like affiliate marketing or internet marketing are tools. They can be used very honorably and ethically and it’s really your responsibility as an independent business owner to choose to only align yourself with company’s who only live up to high standards of doing the right thing.


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