Why Hiring a Business Coach is Smart Business

I started my first business in 2002, shortly after my son was born.

In the first couple of years I leaned heavily on the advice from mom and work at home mom forums which were very popular places for moms at the time (before Facebook ever existed ).

I quickly learned that it was HARD to find good advice for free.

You never knew who you could really trust.
You never knew who was really making money.
You never knew if their advice was anywhere near useful or accurate.

I found a really great forum and it just seemed different.

This was a community of women who were getting results. This was the place where I experience the true power of community. I made so many friends, worked with clients from there, partnered with, promoted as an affiliate, hired as my coaches, bought products from and so much more.I am STILL in contact with them all these years and I so value those relationships.

Through their guidance and advice I went from a frustrated mom who say and opportunity to a profitable business owner who found a business she LOVED.

I learned to build websites.
I learned how to write copy that attracts people.
I learned how to FOCUS, instead of flail.
I learned how to connect.
I learned to build my list.
I learned the value of hiring a coach.

I’ve hired a number of coaches over the years.

I knew I wanted/needed a VA Coach, and I found one.

I hired her to show me the ropes of being a VA.
I hired her to have a quick connection to the VA world.
I hired her to learn new skills like learning to build a WordPress website.

She did all those things and so much more!

Matter of fact I hired my VA Coach to coach me and then also to build my first WordPress website for my then new Virtual Assistance Business.

I skipped over so much hassle of learning from scratch and building from the ground up by getting my first site done for me! She created a beautiful site and then I took it over.

While coaching with my first coach I went from working an afternoon shift at a factory job to quitting my job in nine months!

In 2011 I was in the middle of completely transitioning out of the services business.

You see my goal as a VA was to get out of my job. I did that but I knew the Virtual Assistant lifestyle wasn’t something I wanted long term. I was looking for much more flexibility in my day to day activities and working for clients felt very restrictive to me, and just not for me.

So… I started offering my very first group coaching program around 2008. I started building momentum and sales. In 2010 I started doing Website Design Mojo which became my flagship program, earning me over six figures in sales over a number of years.

Then I felt I was just stuck, stalled. I had lived with my parents for far too long. Back in 2011 I was with my parents, in their basement apartment. I was making good money but I was completely paralyzed by the fear of getting out there and letting my business support us.

So in 2011 I hired Nicole Dean my coach. 

I had met Nicole in that initial mom forum run and she was the first person to reach out to me and ask if she could help me all those years back. Nicole had built herself an awesome business.

As I said when I started working with Nicole I was feeling very frustrated about my living situation, and also very embarassed. I did not feel like I could call myself a “success” if I was living in my parents basement, even though others would at times use that term to describe me.

All the things I learned from Nicole are too much to mention but I’ll give you the highlights:

  • Work on a money task every single day.
  • Work on more money tasks.
  • Do things fast.
  • Use what you’ve got.
  • Make use of great tools.
  • Reuse things that are still good (like previous emails, past content, more).
  • Do something TODAY – Don’t Delay.

I really learned some of the KEY habits I still use every day from Nicole.

The two main being to release stuff FAST and do money tasks as often as possible.

Nicole would have none of this “I’m launching my product for two months… I’m off to work on it and I’ll talk to you later.” No, none of that at all.

She knew that most people will turn that two months into three and then that three months leads to doubt, fear, worry. She knew that even if it was done after three months then the work of promoting it begins. She wanted me to skip past that and get something of high VALUE out fast. We’re not talking skimping on offering good stuff, just changing your mindset on how you get it out there.

While coaching with Nicole I had my best month of sales to that date AND I co-bought my first house! 

There were more people… so many people who were coaching and teaching and training along the way. I couldn’t name them all and if you’re one I’ve missed please know I love you, too! I know that coaching is an incredible way to experience growth and that’s why I do it.

I hired Nicole again in 2017 to coach me. And then again in 2019, this year. Nicole offered me to work with both herself and Kelly McCausey as a team. Nicole focuses mainly on the Strategy and Kelly is so awesome at the Mindset part. They are a dynamic pair! The coaching offer was a Beachpreneurs offer and in 2018 I ended up going to a retreat called Beach House which was, also, life-changing (and I’ll save that for another post).

This year while coaching with Nicole she asked me what was my biggest roadblock at this time. Without hesitation I said it was “my skin”. If you don’t know I’ve had cystic acne since I was 13 years old and in my recent 20 years have also had rosacea (red skin). I’ve felt VERY held back by that. Honestly it is probably one of the major reasons I’ve been thriving in an online business. 

Simply having someone ASK the question who I trusted allowed me to answer openly and then start the discussion on HOW to move forward to resolve it. So here we are in December of 2019 and I feel like I’ve blasted through that roadblock completely!

THIS is just one example of why I believe in coaching, deeply. 

So, if you were to ask me: “Angela, is business coaching worth it?” I’d say holy hell YES it is! Not just because I’m now offering coaching but because I’ve been willing to invest thousands of dollars in it myself AND I believe the help I’ve gotten from that investment is just priceless.

I don’t think we’re meant to go it alone. I don’t think we do our BEST work when we have no one to support, understand and give us opinions. And I also don’t believe in “just business” coaching. My personal life affects my business and so when I coach people I don’t tell you that we’re limited to any one discussion. You’re free to ask me anything! 

Before we get into the details of my offer, let’s talk about the question many people get confused on:

What does a business coach DO?

I think there is this misconception that a business coach is going to kind of “take over” your business for you and tell you what to do. Many people come to coaching with this “I surrender” kind of attitude where they say “Ok, you’re my coach. TELL ME what to do.”. That’s NOT business coaching, at least not to me, not the way I’ve wanted to BE coached or to do coaching with others.

A coach guides you, answers your questions, let’s you know information that you may not have the experience to know. They might be there via email or via phone calls (I don’t do phone calls, by the way, it messes with my idea of having a free and clear calendar lol!).

A coach is supportive, inspiring, motivating. A coach could do a variety of things from making suggestions, giving you feedback, helping you navigate your ideas and more. That arrangement is something more specific to the coach and you.

Anyway – I have just 10 spots open. I’ve offered them to my customers and now I’d love to invite you to take me up on a spot. They are non-committal, month-to-month spots OR you can get my coaching for the entire YEAR of 2020 (and the rest of 2019). I have the year of coaching on sale from now until Friday at midnight. 

Check out all the details on coaching here

I hire coaches because they work, when you choose one that really matches you and your needs.

I coach people in my programs because of the amazing people who’ve influence and affected my life in the same manner.

I want to help people the way they helped me.
I want to inspire people the way they inspired me.
I want to motivate people the way they motivated me.

And I do. I get people telling me pretty regular that I’ve made a difference in their life. That to me is the biggest joy in this business, in running my own membership site and in offering my own coaching. I can’t see myself doing anything else.

Angela Wills
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