What I Do to Increase My Energy & Live Healthier

At the beginning of the year, even before Covid, I was feeling so tired and drained that I was taking naps every single day.

I’d let my daughter watch YouTube after school and I’d feel so exhausted that I’d take a 30-60 minute nap while she watched near me.

I’ve been struggling all my life to eat well, eat right, be “healthy”.

Yes I became vegan in 2019 and some people might think that means I only eat veggies but oh how wrong they would be!

I quickly became a “junk food vegan” and I’m living in a time where it’s really easy to get all kinds of meat replacements and processed vegan food.

All my life I’ve wanted sweets and treats and I NEVER made the connection, the TRUE connection to how I feel and what I eat until the last few years.

So in April this year I bought a Tower Garden, a beauty of an indoor vertical tower that I eat off of every single day (hello beautiful fresh Kale in my smoothie this morning).

Then I was introduced to Juice Plus Capsules and my immediate reaction was that they were soooo gimicky.

Capsules? NAW, I want real food.
Powder? No THANKS, I want non-processed food.

But I was now working with Charlotte, my sponsor into the company when I bought the tower garden and Charlotte kept telling me how awesome the capsules were. Charlotte was hosting Shred 10 Challenge, which she does regularly, and told me how AMAZING I’d feel if I got the capsules, the shakes and followed the challenge.

By the way, the Capsules are NOT Fake Food. The ONLY ingredients are actual food, nothing fake at all. They ONLY contain real fruits and vegetables with real, bio-available nutrition (meaning our bodies can use it) that has been confirmed by 40 independent studies!

So I bought the capsules, the shakes, cut the junk and I ate off my tower garden while doing the Shred 10 Challenge and here’s what happened: 

  • I didn’t need naps! My energy went through the roof and I didn’t want or need naps. I just did more things I needed to do and had a relaxing evening in a clean and organized house (ala my new energy).
  • My varicose veins went down! This BLEW ME AWAY. The varicose veins I had for 18 years suddenly didn’t look like railway tracks on my legs. Talking with our team leader, Alisa, this made total sense to her because more nutrition in my body created better cardiovascular health and better blood flow. Juice Plus was a tool in helping that happen along with a very clean diet, helped by my tower garden greens and also healthy lifestyle choices (like better sleep, deep breathing, moving my body, etc).
  • My skin got sooo soft. I have had eczema for at least 10 years. Cracking and bleeding skin is the norm for me as soon as the weather is anything less than humid. My skin not only looked like I wasn’t 100 years old but it stopped cracking and bleeding and it feels SOFT. I couldn’t stop touching my hands and I still can’t.
  • My Gums stopped bleeding. My gums would regularly bleed when brushing. This stopped entirely.
  • My acne and redness improved. I had started seeing improvements before with new skincare routine and going vegan but I am now at the point where I can leave the house feeling totally comfortable without foundation and that is something I NEVER thought I’d say about my skin. I’ve suffered from very serious acne since 13 years old and it is continually improving and that is just life-changing for me.

    I learned that many of the things that improved were signs of inflammation in my body, the eczema, skin, gums and also many aches in my knees and ankle that improved, too.

    To be very clear this all happened with Juice Plus COMBINED with the healthy habits of the Shred 10 Challenge which is available for free to all Juice Plus customers.

Add to that my daughter also gets vegetable and fruits Juice Plus gummy supplements for FREE with my order, I know she is also getting whole food nutrition.

These are the reasons I buy, take and sell Juice Plus. The products fill in the gaps on any diet where it’s near impossible to get the recommended fruits and veggie portions and variety each day.

These changes I listed above are not small or insignificant. They’re amazing to me and they affect my business in big ways. That’s why I’m so passionate about sharing these products and this company.

If you’d like to take a look and make an order you can do so at these links: 

USD Juice Plus Capsules
USD Complete Shakes
USD Tower Garden

CAD Juice Plus Capsules
CAD Complete Shakes
CAD Tower Garden

If you’re interested in this as a business for yourself or for just getting a discount on the products let me know – you can email angela@angelawills.com or text 905-716-2995 or message me on Facebook HERE

Happy a great day!

Angela Wills
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