What Have You Overcome?

I love a good story of how the underdog wins, don’t you?

I’ve asked members to share a story of something they’ve overcome in business and they have not disappointed me! We will have over 25 stories for you and I’m positive it’s going to inspire, motivate and captivate you to read true stories from real people who are either on their way or already LIVING the Laptop Lifestyle. 

Freedom – it’s always about freedom to me. The Laptop Life to me is a way to never have to do anything I don’t want to do, ever. I only pick the projects and people that I LOVE working with! I only work when I want, where I want and when I want. 

YES, I do work. But there are so many freaking ways to create leverage online that it can blow your mind (in a really good way). 

The stories from members of the LL YOU will be available soon, early next week, but in the meantime would you be willing to share YOUR story with me? 

I’ve decided to do a quick giveaway of my newest program, Embrace Your Vision for LIFE & Business

Here’s how it works:

Share YOUR story in the comments below. What one thing have you overcome in business or in life to be where you are today. That’s it! I’m setting a deadline of tomorrow, Dec. 10th, at 3pm ET for this so do post NOW. It doesn’t have to be a long story! I’ll pick a random winner from the comments. 

I look forward to gifting this program to one lucky person!

By the way the coupon code to say $10 on the course is expiring tonight. So if you buy now and win tomorrow don’t worry – I’ll refund your payment. Sign up and join us now if you’d like and also enter the giveaway, too. 🙂 

Peace ?, Love ? & Laptops ?,

Angela Wills
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6 thoughts on “What Have You Overcome?”

    1. Hello, I’m Charlene Harris. For many years, I’ve been wanting to start a freelance writing business. One thing after another kept cropping up and the new business would get put on the back burner. Time after time, I was discouraged, wondering if I was ever going to make it happen. In November, I happened across an email from a freelance writing business coach who helps writer’s launch their own freelance business. He was starting a new 9-week group. I took the plunge. Just last week, I finished creating my website and launched it. I’m on to the next step in the program, confident and stoked, that this time, I will succeed in getting my business started, and achieving the success and freedom I’ve been working for. My business is Dept 9 Writing Solutions, the best solution for healthcare content and copywriting needs, specializing in medical device companies.


    I am also a person who has suffered from ADHD for years. When I was working in the Corporate world, it made for some highly stressful situations! I did manage to get my job done, but it seemed I was always finishing at just the last possible moment, managing to stay out of trouble. Since I have left the structured world and am left to my own devices, I find that it takes me 2-3 times longer to finish a task than it would anyone else.

    I have been working on starting my own business for the last two years and I am finally making some noticeable progress. Although, I do struggle daily. Each time I go online to research a topic I can easily fall in a bottomless pit that it may take me hours to surface from. I have been trying to spend as little time as possible on social media because I easily get absorbed in something that interests me, but is miles away from what I need for my project. I am determined to succeed, and I will not give up until I make this a viable profit producing business.

    My husband is very familiar with my situation. He knows that I can set off to get something from the bedroom and not return for an hour. He may find me cleaning out a drawer or sorting pictures when I went to get batteries for the TV remote!

    I did start taking medication a couple years ago, but I am not sure it helps with the initial problem. It does give me energy to keep going for longer periods of time. I get frustrated, but I keep trying to achieve my goals. I love living during a time when we have such amazing resources available to us by simply turning hooking up to Wi-Fi. What a wonderful world!

    1. This definitely sounds familiar to me, too! I REALLY struggle with the Facebook rabbit hole and have been looking more and more into how to avoid going there altogether.

      Good for you with working with who YOU are, rather than trying to fit yourself into someone else’s mold. Thank you so much for sharing your story!

  2. My biggest challenge has stemmed from suffering from trauma in the military. I had severe depression for most of the last decade. I have gone through a personal renaissance over the last couple of years as things were getting better for me personally and professionally, but I couldn’t get rid of it. I have 2 children, and one day I overreacted and yelled at them for no reason. My wife told me “Toddlers gonna toddle. You overreacted.” I finally found my reason to seek help.

    It’s been a year since then and everything is so much better. I’m a better father because I have control over my demons. I have been running my website for almost 2 years now, struggling with ideas, direction, everything. I really just want to help people break into cybersecurity, a career field that is so vast there is a job for everyone.

    With the clarity of mind, I want to finally turn my ideas into a real business. I want to do a lot in 2020, and that’s why I subscribed! You seem to have resources that can really help me out to achieve my long term goals.

  3. John, Charlene and CL you have all won! I’ll sending you emails with coupon codes to get the Embrace Your Challenge program for free!

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