What Do You Want Your Life to Look Like?

I’ve gotten a few messages from friends in the last few days asking me “What did you decide about sending Ella back to school?”

So many people are wondering what to do right now for September. It’s certainly a topic on many a person’s mind, even if you have school kids or not. 

I’ve decided: My daughter will go to school. 

Of course things can change on a dime in 2020 so I’m open to making a totally different decision if need be but I do feel confident this is the best thing for my daughter with the information I have right now. 

But this message isn’t about my choice or your choice or any of that. We as parents have to support ALL parents and the decisions they make in the best interest of their child. 

What this message is about is what will happen WHEN we send the kids back to school. 

I’ve been thinking a LOT about what I want my life to look like. Covid has taught me that I can still do what I do in between life. When school starts up again I will suddenly have 25 hours of time EACH WEEK to run my business, 100 hours per month. That’s a lot of time on my hands considering I’ve been managing with little to NO time to focus. 

My suggestions for you if you’re suddenly about to come into some free time when the kids go to school:

  1. SELF-CARE first! My routine was given to me by my friend Charlotte Caunter from Health SHEro. What I do first thing is do a 10-minute mediation (I use the app insight timer), then I journal gratitude and other things, than a 15 minute workout. I will be doing a once a week hot yoga, too, come back to school.
  2. Nourish Yourself. I used to rush through lunches so I could work. NO MORE. I will make sure I get the nourishment my body needs and I’ll be pumping it with nutrition. One of my favorite ways to do that is to have a smoothie with Juice PLUS capsules (all REAL food), Complete Shake mix (chocolate), Almond milk, Almond butter and a piece of Kale from my tower garden. See this instagram post for more details.
  3. Life First, Then Business. I will NOT fill the time I have with work. I’ll take Friday’s to regularly do more self-care, I’ll decide how to leverage my work to get the BIGGEST results. 

This is likely what my day will look like:

7am – wake and do morning self-care routine plus workout
8am – wake girly for school
9am – beach for daily bit of extra journaling or planning of the day’s activities
10am – head to coworking
1pm – lunch & me-time
2pm – more me-time
3pm – pick up my girly
4pm – family time – FOCUS on family
5pm – 8pm – family time
9pm – review day and plan next

10pm – night time self-care
11pm – bed for full 7-8 hours sleep

Now of course I won’t perfectly follow this ALL the time but it’s on point to what I was doing before covid. My plan is to also take two weeks off during Christmas so I am going to work to get ahead on my emails and product launches so they can be ready to go over the holidays.

How did I get here? What were the steps?

Well let me tell you I wouldn’t be where I am today with having first been a service-provider. 

I quit my job in 2007 to become a Virtual Assistant. I ended up, after that, doing Affiliate Management, WordPress Design, Salespage Copywriting, Writing and Editing and more. 

The services brought me “now income” that I needed in the moment and they allowed me to hone long-term skills that I use over and over and over again in my business. 

I highly recommend to people looking to break into this business to start with services. Not only do you get the benefits above but you ALSO get an insiders look at successful businesses (if you choose your clients right). That insider’s look is priceless! So valuable!

So on Thursday I want to give you the goods. I want to teach you as much as I can pack into one 30 minute training about how to leverage the skills you have now into services and then how to transform that, over time, into a laptop lifestyle. 

You might not be able to make your schedule look like mine, to start, but if you put in the time for the hourly work to learn while you earn you can use a short time of a fuller schedule to create a long term lifestyle of freedom. 

If you want to attend this one-time training just go ahead and sign up at the link below to get updates:Turn Your Skills into a Laptop Lifestyle << Free webinar click there

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