Website Skills That Last a Lifetime

In 1999 I created my very first web page on Yahoo! Geocities with a simple sheet of HTML my friend and lab partner gave me.

The site was just for fun. I put up the hobby jewellery I made and sold on occassion to friends and family.

Fast forward to 2002 and my son Hayden was born. I was determined to stay home with him so I started a business and I took what I knew with making hobby sites and created an online store selling my homemade soaps, bath salts, bath bombs, etc.

That first sale was such a thrill!

It was so fun packaging up an order and knowing someone would get it in their hands shortly.

While that business didn’t last my website skills took me through so many stages of Hayden’s life and my own.

Knowing how to build websites allowed me to:

  • Adapt and start new businesses quickly and easily.
  • Create quick income by offering website services to business owners.
  • Create NEW offers for my business when I needed to generate fast income.
  • Build my community through sign up forms on my site and good content.
  • Teach others how to build websites through my highest selling online course.
  • Buy sites, fix them up and resell them at 10x profit.
  • Sell physical products, digital products, services, coaching and build a team,

Knowing how to start, build and use a website is power in your hands, literally. I can’t imagine trying to run my business online without FULL understanding of the tools I need to operate that business. 

Website Savvy! is the business owners manual for your online presence.

Once you control your own website you can:

  • Easily create opt-in forms that will build your email list and community.
  • Offer new products anytime you wish.
  • Publish content that attracts your dream customers.
  • Draw traffic in with targeting information that truly helps others.
  • Start a new business anytime you want.
  • Offer services around website updating, content, creation and more.

Here’s an example of how I will be using my own website skills to run my business this year:

1) I’ll be updating my FOUR websites (,, and This will help me earn money in many ways including digital product sales, affiliate marketing and network marketing. 

2) I’ll be creating sites for my team members for Juice Plus. This will make me an income through the nominal fee I’ll charge to create the site plus in the success I help my team members create (which I’ll earn a commission from as their businesses grow). 

3) I’ll be teaching YOU how to build your websites through my six week live, video on-demand, private group coaching program Website Savvy! Of course I earn through this by charging for the program. 

So that little skill I learned in 1999 from one sheet of HTML code really payed off, didn’t it? 

If you’d like to build you own little amazing skillset that could take you who knows where for who knows how long I’d love to have you in the Website Savvy! Coaching Program.

You get access to the live training, the on-demand videos you can watch anytime, the private group and you get FREE retakes of this program every time it’s run! 

So even if now isn’t the time for you to focus on this it’s a good time to buy because you’ll get in the next time and maybe get a jump start whenever you can in the meantime. 

Please sign up ASAP as I’ll be sending the welcome emails and updates over the weekend. 

Sign up to get Website Savvy! for good 😉

Angela Wills
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