Free Training: Turn Your Skills Into
a Laptop Lifestyle

"Covid Pivot": During this unprecidented time in our history you have a choice: Sit and ride the tide of ups and downs of emotions and the economy and the world OR do the "Covid Pivot". What this means is that you will take what you know and turn it into a business that serves the needs NOW. 

Welcome! I'm so glad you're interested in learning how to take the current skills you have to pivot your business, start a new business or GROW what you have into more freedom and fun! NOW is the time that more than ever people need us. They're online, looking for help and waiting for YOU to offer a solution. 



Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity

What You'll Learn:

  • 1
    How to take what you do well and offer it as a service for fast income and long-term business building potential.    
  • 2
    How to creatively pivot your current business or services to offer people what they need in our current world situation, and how to be the HERO they need right now. 
  • 3
    How to design what you're creating so you create FREEDOM, and not a trap that sucks your time, so you work the number of hours per day that YOU want to work full stop. 

It's so important to me that you know that right now there is a HUGE opportunity to serve people. People will ALWAYS pay money for something of value, even during hard times and ESPECIALLY during hard times. Now more than ever they need your solution so they can do things like save time, save money, make money or have a better life. NOW is the time to reach out, been seen, offer help AND create lifestyle freedom for yourself while doing so!