Types of Income for Lifestyle Business Owners

A lifestyle business is a business where you put life FIRST.

You truly own each and every day.

It’s a different kind of business than the tradition sense because freedom precedes all other goals and priorities.

In order to make this lifestyle happen you MUST be aware of the kind of business you are creating and then PURPOSEFULLY do what delivers you maximum impact AND time freedom.

Here are the categories I’ve decided are most important for me:

When I quit my job in 2007 I was all active income.

I gave ZERO consideration to what I wanted my life to look like.

At the time I was a single mom with such LOW self-confidence and self-esteem that all I wanted was to replace my income from the $3000/month factory job I had. Not that it’s bad to make $3000/month, there’s no shame in that BUT I just didn’t dare to dream any bigger and I didn’t dare to think to do anything other than the only thing that had worked to make me actual profit since I had started five years previously.

So I sat at my desk and I served my clients as a Virtual Assistant.

My clients were happy! I did great work!

But my life SUCKEEEED.


My son saw just the back of my head for about 8 months straight and that was after having me as a mom who was moonlighting to build my business for nine months before that. Now my parents were just upstairs so they played with and helped with him all the time while I head-down focused.

But for all that work, all that “active income”, I was working hard but not smart at all.

My time was NOT my own.

It got to a point where I quit. I was going to go back to work.
I went for ONE job interview and I did not get it.
I decided to build a BETTER business.

So in 2008 I created my first course.
In 2009 I started growing my affiliate marketing income.
In 2010 I created a signature program.
In 2010 I started running membership sites.

That’s a combination of ACTIVE, RECURRING and PASSIVE incomes, there.

I encourage you to take 10 minutes, go on, right now and think about what income types you have in your business TODAY.

Then think about the lifestyle they afford you. Is it what you want?

Yes? Good! You’re on track.
NO? That’s ok! It’s time to make some new decisions, though.

I would LOVE to hear your results. I’ll even give you my thoughts. Shoot back an email at angela@angelawills.com and tell me where you’re at.


p.s. Membership Impact is my program that will guide you through an EASY process to create a successful membership site. Join here!

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