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Angela Wills is the owner of Laptop Lifestyle YOU 

Every three months the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity hosts a collaboration.

In September we are doing a Bundle Sale! That's almost exactly like a giveaway event but it's a paid product where you can build your list AND earn affiliate commissions.  

I invite you to take this training and join us. You'll get the training, the support and the community behind you to have a wonderful event experience. 

We have a diverse membership of people focused on adding GOODNESS to the world! They are teachers, doctors, authors, coaches, health practitioners, bloggers, speakers, tech experts, virtual assistants and so much more! 

When you partner with us for giveaways and bundles you will be doing so with a community all on the same mission. That makes our events unique and special. We are all on the same "vibe" and in the same "tribe" and it shows! 

Our membership also includes the weekly meetings, a group where you can chat with others 24/7, training and case studies I've created based on my own earnings of close to one million dollars over my online business career. 

And of course we have our quarterly membership collaborations that include a giveaway, a bundle sale and an ebook!

We work together to build your list and make you money. It's a UNIQUE thing to see in a membership and we make it work so beautifully! Our giveaway event coming up is Second Annual Lifestyle Business Giveaway and you are invited to join us through this $1 trial if you sign up and agree to stay for a total of three months (which makes it fair for all). 

I can't wait to welcome you to the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity! 

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