Two Things You Need for a Sustainable Business

Since my son Hayden was born in 2002 I have been selling things online.

At the beginning of 2020 I joked that I was isolating LONG BEFORE it was cool.

It’s not so funny anymore because isolating gets old but working from home, for me, NEVER got old.

I’ve been teaching others how to sell online or helping them do it through services since 2005! I LOVE showing people how to use the internet to build a lifestyle that they can control.

I have TONS of experience in so many things.

In the services area I was a Virtual Assistant, a Writer, an Editor, an Affiliate Manager, a WordPress Designer/Developer and more I probably forget.
I owned a writing agency where I had a team of writers pumping out great articles for websites.

I created my first business when Hayden was four months old out of a small investment from my parents. I partnered with my dad and we turned the garage into a production facility. We could whip up 120 bars of soap at a time and whip up soap we did! I created my first eCommerce store for that business in 2002 from a free software and I made my first online sale of a physical product – what a thrill!

I’ve been in network marketing selling everything from RESPs, Soy Candles, Lipstick, Workouts and now I’m so in love with selling Tower Gardens and capsules filled with literal dehydrated fruits and veggies (Juice Plus).

I’ve logged WELL over the 10,000 hours they say you need to have to become an expert at something.
If there are two things I know how to do after succeeding for almost twenty years doing them, they are:

Build Connections – You can’t make sales unless people actually WANT to buy from you. In order for people to want to buy from you they need to LIKE you. In order for people to like you they need to get to KNOW you. I know how to do this. I know how to let people get to know me without giving away my privacy (which I know many people fear) or worry about being judged (which also is a big deal for many, I’ve been there for sure). I know how to build real, lasting, true connections so it’s absolutely a win-win for all involved.

This is a picture of just a small smattering of friends who I’ve met in business and who then became customers, partners, clients, etc. Making money with REAL people, REAL friends, is the BEST. These ladies are: Alexis Rodrigo, Cindy Bidar, Crystal McNerney, Cherry-Ann Carew, Fran Watson, Jackie Brown and Rayven Monique

Make Sales – From the outside looking in it seems like making the sale is hard. Being inauthentic and pushy and trying to get people to do exactly what you want when you want for your own selfish reasons, that’s hard and I don’t recommend it AT ALL. But getting sales is EASY when you just tell people what you have to offer and you let them decide.

Talk soon. 🙂

Angela Wills
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