This blog is mostly unedited.

I always thought of a blog to be an online journal.

A stream of thoughts and ideas… sometimes with a point and sometimes not.

A place to practice being a writer.

That’s what a blog meant to me.

These days blogs are used in many other ways.

My least favorite way is a blog full of ads.
Then there’s the content articles published in blog format.

I’ve halted my blogging more than a couple of times because I thought I had to do better, be better. Be more researched, more organized, more edited.

But naw, this blog is mostly unedited.

Hey if I spot a mistake I’ll fix it but I’m not here to show you how perfect I learned punctuation… I’m here for so much more than that!

Did you know that the word “blog” comes from “weblog” (web log) meaning it was/is a chronological “log” of someone’s life, activities, etc.

That’s what I intend to do here. I’ll be chronicling my continued adventures as a mom in business who LOVES new things, writes like she’s talking to a friend, can sell practically anything she finds worthy without being salesy and who has dedicated her business life to helping other moms run business that give them ALL the time they want to live life and enjoy their family!

I hope you like my little, mostly unedited weblog. 🙂

Angela Wills
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