The World Needs Your Help in Multiple Ways!

You know what’s happening right now? 

The world has literally stopped everything else they’re doing and joined the online world. Almost everyone is online.  

More people on social media.
More people looking at starting businesses. 
More people shopping for stuff they need, or don’t need. 
More people looking for entertainment. 
More people looking to be healthy and build immunity. 
More people interested in getting fit solutions.  

More people – ONLINE.  

It takes time to build a business like mine that supports you during a time like this. It took me about five years to get to a monthly recurring income from various sources that has me in a nice position to know I’m OK. It’s really great to have that recurring income coming in. Be it from a membership, recurring affiliate commission or other sources.  

That said – when money is in immediate need and while your business is growing I ALWAYS will recommend to my clients to look to providing some services in the meantime.  

When you provide services you have an immediate source of income

You won’t have to wait for your work to pay off or get screwed if you make mistakes and have to start over with your methods.  If you work for clients you can get paid hourly.  Hell – during a time like this I’m looking at all my options and I’m seriously considering offering a few little offers myself and I haven’t offered services since 2012!   I just think it’s really important to have multiple streams of income both WITHIN the business I am running and also outside of that business. 

Here are some of my current income streams:

  • membership site
  • product sales (group coaching, digital downloads, bundle sales, etc)
  • coaching
  • affiliate marketing

The FIRST profitable income stream I had was services. After many years of trying desperately to find a way to work from home that is what worked for me.  I had been networking with a mom group and when I decided to offer my services I posted a special offer of 10 hours for $50! My thought was if I could get my foot in the door to work with people I’d understand what they needed and how I could help them. It worked! I got eleven clients in 24 hours and never looked back! 

Now – I didn’t stay with services but being a Virtual Assistant has set the foundation for EVERYTHING I do today and I’m so grateful for that experience.  Yesterday I polished up and re-released an ebook I called Overnight VA Success Story. It tells you the full story of what I did to get that many clients that fast.

Here’s a challenge for you: Buy the ebook for $10 and TRY IT! You don’t have to make the same offer I did but make AN OFFER and see if you can’t make that $10 back really, really fast!  Here’s are a few examples of what you might offer:

  • Special rate on Trial Services – 3 hours for $45!  (I loved this method before going deep into working with a client).
  • 10 hours for $100 (still an amazing deal – or do 10 for $200).
  • Project based specials (example – I’ll set up 5 email autoresponders for $75 – then regular price is XXX)

To be clear this is not about discounting to devalue your services! It’s about removing the RISK of hiring you. People who want to hire a service-provider have no idea what they’re getting into. Prove to them you can do the work and you’ll be a joy to work with and you’ve got a long-term happy client! Just make sure they know up front your regular rates and that this is INTRO pricing!  I’ve released Overnight VA Success Story at $10 (vs $27). 

The price will go up to $27 by Friday so grab it now before you forget.  

How to get clients FAST & Five week action plan << buy now! 

Angela Wills
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