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Yesterday I downloaded an app to my phone called Reface.

10/10 for fun and enjoyment! I highly recommend.

But this email isn’t about the app.

It’s about me seeing something that was already there.

Matt always tells me he wishes I were more confident because I’m beautiful and I should own that. And I’m usually like: ok sure I’ll work on that babe. (By the way get you one of these kind of people in your life if you can because it’s amazing to have people who love and see you, even when you don’t see yourself).

This isn’t about Matt, either.

It’s about the beauty I didn’t see.

Here’s what the app does:

Yes that’s Gamora, from Guardian’s of the Galaxy, with MY FACE.

The app is super easy, super fun but something I did not expect it to be was super motivating.

Now sure I love the body and sure I’d love to order it in reality but that’s not what I’m talking about.

All my life I’ve struggled with confidence.

I was quiet and literally terrified of authority.
I was bullied in grade 8 which made me shrink back into myself more.
I then had skin issues for most of my adult life that made me want to hide my face.

But these videos made me see:

I see beauty.
I see confidence.
I see possibility.

And the thing is you HAVE TO SEE IT in order to make it happen.

I’ve been walking with my back straight all day today.
I took the time to do my hair in a fun way and pop on a little makeup.
I made good breakfast choices today so that’s a good start on nutrition.

And you know what?

I see the beauty in me.

That’s a big deal.

So is visualization.

Visualizing is a powerful tool to start changing habits and taking actions that get you to where you want to be in your life.

And these videos helped me with the visualizations I just didn’t / couldn’t / wouldn’t get to on my own that I now see as another version of the person I AM but just without all the baggage holding me down and telling me I’m not good enough.

Now I’m not saying the Reface App is a magical tool that will get you whatever you want out of life, that’s a big stretch.

It is a fun app and by chance it let me see the beauty that Matt sees in me each day, it let me see my face on confident, powerful, take-charge, strong women and that let me see myself that way.

I’m going to carry that with me for quite some time.

In case this isn’t clear.

I’m not just talking about me, I’m talking about ALL of us.

How many times do you believe you’re not good enough?
How often do you think you’re not pretty enough?
How often do you think that nobody wants to hear from you?

Well that’s all the things and experiences from the PAST pulling you down.

I know that’s how it has worked for me but despite this I continued.

What if you could see that beauty inside you?
What if you could know you were born with extreme value and it never goes away?
What if you could believe your voice matters even if nobody seems to care right now?

Think about those three questions, maybe try the app (it’s super easy) and see yourself, YOU (don’t try to be Gamora) as the powerful, beautiful, strong and capable person that you are.

Cheers and have an absolutely amazing day!

Angela Wills
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