Do you stop taking care of YOU when you get stressed, like me?

The last six months of this pandemic have been hard for me. My son went to college in September of last year, my childhood and into adult best friend passed away in October, like millions of others we didn’t see family during Christmas in December, in January my birthday was BLAH and in Feb I decided to pivot my entire business!

I bet you have a laundry list of things that have affected you, too. 

And while all these things are going on we need to:

  • take care of the kids
  • make healthy food choices & implement them
  • keep our homes clean
  • move our bodies
  • work on our relationships
  • do our work 
  • grow our businesses
  • maintain self care

It’s a lot. And we don’t really have the ability to say “no thank you”, at least not to many things. I decided long ago that I am NOT superwoman. I don’t try to do ALL the things but I get overwhelmed, too. And when I’m overwhelmed guess what the FIRST thing on MY list to go is — ME. 

When things are pressing I stop making the right food choices, I stop moving my body, I stop cooking or finding great sources of healthy food and nutrition. And I’m going to really open up to you here and tell you I’m weighing in at 25lbs more than the already higher than I wanted weight I had six months ago. 

So the nervous part is I’ve decided it’s time to REALLY take action AND be REALLY accountable. 

Not for a weight loss challenge, though. For a healthy lifestyle improvement. I MUST force myself to do this. I can’t let another 25 creep on, then another 25, etc. I am not willing to sacrifice my health even in times like this! 

So I’m making myself a case study. I’m turning myself into a true “product of the product” as they say with my Juice Plus company and venture. 

Here’s how:

1. I’m hosting regular (every 2-3 months) challenges like the 10 Healthy Habits Challenge you can join NOW and start with ME and a bunch of others on Monday! 

2. I will be sharing my progress, insights, advice and resources on my blog at in the NEAR future. At the moment my focus is on and and fully integrating those two into my business but soon, within a month or so, I’ll be blogging regularly AND sharing those posts on my social media – my Facebook and Instagram

And the second part of my nervousness comes from my needing to let you know that this list is going to consist, for the most part, of me sharing this new journey. 

It’s the final transition for me, into the world of Direct Sales / MLM / Network Marketing / Social Selling / Party Plans << YES – so many names! 

I told my community and my customers about this transition in February and I said that I would still be offering training on how to build your business online. I still will. I will continue to run MEconomy, most likely once per year. I will also, possibly and for the right people, offer coaching from time to time. I will also, release occassional products on online marketing and sales when I’m inspired that don’t fit into my other sites themes. 

But for now, if you stay on this list, you can expect more about the following:

  • What I’m doing to improvement my energy, my body, my glow of life, my productivity, my fitness levels and the quality of nutrition I’m aiming to pump into my body. 
  • Myself as a case study for the Juice Plus products, mainly the capsules, the shakes, the Shred10 Challenges, the Tower Garden (of course) and the Omega capsules. I still haven’t tried the bars, yet, but I plan to! 
  • Updates on what I’m doing to help you build your own side hustle or full-time direct sales gig on my two sites about that topic. 
  • Sharing of business-building resources that ANY online business owner could use like MailerLite (the email software I am now LOVING so much more than the system I was on before). 
  • Information on how to join me in improving your own health while earning money to do so. The opportunity with this business is one I’m VERY proud to represent and the compensation plan is the best I’ve seen in the many businesses I’ve looked into over the years (I was a little obsessed with direct sales / NWM and I’ve joined about 9 or 10 companies mostly for fun!). 

I hope you’ll stick around and join me in the fun but if you don’t I’ll understand. I’ve changed. Things have changed. LIFE has freaking changed and sometimes people part ways. However, if you’re excited to stick around and grow with me I’d be so thrilled and honored!

If you’ve been with me a while and it’s time to part ways I want to say thank you so very much for being part of my community and I wish you the very best. 

If you’re here to say let’s do this!!! Want to join my 10 Healthy Habits challenge? You can join with or without purchase – up to you. 

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