Systems & Processes & Freedom & Stubbornness

I love this photo of me from a business photoshoot in 2019.

I’m kind of iffy about photoshoots because I DO want great photos to use for my business but I don’t want anything that looks or feels fake.

This photo is so real, though. We were moving from one spot to another and my photographer just snapped this one as I walked.

It represents so much of what I’m about and love… 

the cup carries a comfort drink and really to me that represents the comfort of having freedom.

the laptop was my lifeline to the world this year as it was for so many MORE people in 2020, and it represents creativity, freedom, communication and so much more.

the water is something that brings so much calm and peace to me, for me it represents home (island girl originating from the East Coast here) and how vast and varied and limitless things can be. That water is made up of tiny, tiny drops yet combined together they can do incredible things.

Yes, I love this photo.

It represents the best of what I’ve been able to do for all these years.

I’m SO PROUD of my accomplishments but I’m also not too proud to admit my mistakes.

And what’s been on my mind for about three days right now is the mistake I made in not taking strategy, organization and systems seriously.

I’ve known about how to organize a business since sometime around 2005 when I bought a business systems creating product from a lady who was called “The Systems Chick”. I don’t think she’s in business anymore but I loved her branding and her product was TOPS. I learned a lot there but I didn’t keep it in effect for my business and that was a mistake.

And then I heard about systems and processes and good business structure from many other people.

But I was being stubborn (who, me?  hahahah). I wanted to have “fun” and I think I thought that getting organized would suck the fun out of it. I wanted to be “carefree” and following some rules felt too stiffling. 

The problem is I failed to really see the rules would be all mine and they would make me MORE FREE, not less.

And my eyes were truly opened to this when Cindy Bidar released her new product Tiny Courses Empire and I went through it.

I saw how organized she was, how she talked about consistency and a snowball effect that happens when you repeat a process that works!

Like I know I said this yesterday and I’m not just writing marketing content here, she literally blew my mind with that course.

I think it was the classic case of the right info at the right time. 

Like I said I’d hear much of this kind of thing before but being stubborn as I am I wasn’t ready to hear it. But now that I’m into my third six-figure year (I think still need to do the books) I’m ready to bust some new barriers and I knew I wanted to spend the last couple of weeks of the year thinking about my strategies so it came at the PERFECT time for me to hear and HEED!

Obviously, I’m recommending Cindy’s course you can Buy It Here 

I have some other things you should know about, too.

2021 Here We Come is a series of prompts for you to DO and be accountable for to plan for your best year next year. The prompts are:

  • Get Your Planner Ready (free 2021 printable planner included)
  • Set Up Your Vision for Life & Business
  • Create Your Lifewheel
  • Set Your Financial Thermostat
  • Get Accountability in Place

These are NOT randomly chosen tasks. These are the exact tasks and practices I put into place to set myself up for increasing my business by 20% year over year and growing to six figures and beyond. 

I invite you to join in this accountability group and get these DONE for yourself. Instructions and downloads are also included to make it easy to do these tasks. 

Plus, isn’t it time to kiss 2020 GOODBYE! SO LONG! and move into a new year with new momentum? I say HELL YES!

Grab your printable pdf planner, your prompt lessons with assignments and join the accountability community for a one month $10 trial. If you decide to continue on and not cancel you’ll get in at the discounted price of $30/month (regular is $40/month). 

Grab your discounted membership with one month $10 trial right here: 

p.s. Looking for a business coach? Check out my coaching offer by clicking here

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2 thoughts on “Systems & Processes & Freedom & Stubbornness”

  1. How do I get my 2021 Here We Come prompts? I am all in. I joined the club and am looking forward to growing in and through it. I’ll tell you the truth, I have joined several of these ‘clubs’ on a trial basis knowing I could not afford all of them but wanting to see which provided the help I need for where I am now. I decided to commit to Club Accountability because the title reminds me of my Dad, Lawrence Brown, for whom Responsibility and Accountability were the rocks on which he stood. I’ve tried to follow in his footsteps, and have done OK so far. But, at this juncture in my life, I am a Black 71-year-old, retired librarian, I need some help building the business I want. I need to hold myself accountable and I will.

    1. Hi Ife if you click on the December 2021 Accountability in Club Accountability you’ll see the prompts for December. They weren’t put into a PDF, though, just online. Each month I will be removing the previous month’s action guides but for December I did decide to leave it.

      That’s amazing re: your dad, I love that. So happy to have you on board with us!

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