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No product research, No tech setup troubles, No product creation or customer service. Just tell people about stuff you love and get paid over and over again!

Hi I'm Angela Wills & I Love Affiliate Marketing

In 2002 I quit my career in Chemical Engineering Technology to be home with my son.

I had NO business experience. I was struggling to figure it all out. 

I didn't know how to create, package, deliver, manage, market and provide customer service for products (physical or digital). I learned as I went but it was definitely a lot of work and I didn't know from product to product if it was going to pay off. 

Affiliate marketing is truly a beautiful thing. Everyone benefits. The product seller sells more products. The affiliate marketer earns more money. The customer gets something of high value they want. Win-Win-Win. 

You WANT to do more affiliate marketing. You've made it an item on your  "to-do" list because you know that passive, recurring income is AWESOME (everyone knows that).  But you just haven't made time to actually do the things, whatever they are.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You have been meaning to do affiliate marketing for years but client work keeps popping up the priority list. 

  • You're so busy creating your own products you just never make the time on your marketing calendar to fit in affiliate promotions that would make money.

  • You have clients and/or customers who ask you about stuff all the time and you never have an affiliate link ready for them so you miss out on commissions. 

Fortunately it's NEVER too late to start affiliate marketing. You can add promotions into your existing business. We're not talking about weeks of work here to see profits. Taking 15-30 mins sometimes can make a big difference. I'm going to make it super easy for you, I'm going to GIVE YOU simple profit-boosters you can do in those in-between times you have from time to time. Introducing...

Affiliate Marketing Profit-Boosters!

Affiliate Marketing Profit-Boosters is series of profit-boosting tasks that you can do to earn more money without doing much more work. You'll use your existing business to leverage affiliate profits from things your customers and clients are going to buy anyway!

You know without a doubt that your people are buying from other people. All you do when you do affiliate marketing is become the person to guide them in their purchases and get paid to do so.

Consider yourself a fashion consulting for whatever industry you are in. You're going to provide product recommendations, feedback, suggestions, insights and reviews on things you probably already talk about anyway! 

Let me give you an easy example and a free profit-booster task.

Here's your task:
Create a "Tools I Use" page.
You've probably noticed on many active affiliate marketers websites a page where they list all the tools, products and services they use. List everything you use and then find affiliate links for any programs you are signed up to. Sign up to any who have programs you are not yet signed up to. 
I can directly attribute $200 in commissions to this task in the last few weeks alone. A friend of mine started looking at my site, at my tools page, noticed someone who does coaching that would could help her, signed up for a FULL YEAR and I earned 10% commissions on COACHING. Bam! 
Bonus to earn even MORE:
Take that tools page, turn it into a PDF and send that to your email list. Do it today and I wouldn't be shocked AT ALL if you earn more than enough to earn back what you will pay for Affiliate Marketing Profit-Boosters in full.

When you sign up for Affiliate Marketing Profit-Boosters you will get immediate access to over 20 assignments (8 are ready right now and all will be added within a week) that you can pick and choose from to start earning MORE with affiliate marketing now! 


In this program I'm including the bonus Coach Glue Case Study. In this case study I show you exactly what I did, including the emails I sent and every tactic I used, to earn over $2000 in January 2020 for Coach Glue AND go on to win third place in their contest and earn $1000 in prize money. That's over $3000 in one month from one program and I showed you EXACTLY what it takes to make that happen.  

Here's a challenge for you:
Buy this training and see if you can make your investment back immediately. You can sign up for MY affiliate program, sell two of this product and you'll earn back the same amount you've paid. I pay my affiliates 50% of all product sales AND you get ongoing commissions from repeat sales and any recurring sales (such as membership purchases). 


Who Am I to Teach You Affiliate Marketing? What Results Have I Gotten?

I started affiliate marketing about fifteen years ago. Since then I've earned tens of thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions. I've placed in the top three in dozens of affiliate contests. I've earned recurring passive affiliate income for YEARS after the initial work I did - truely hands-off income, at least for a while (it eventually needs some work again). 

I know how to get results with affiliate marketing and this right here is my offer to teach what I know to YOU. I'll share with you all my best methods and tasks for earning consistent affiliate income and picking the BEST affiliate programs to promote. 

Here are some examples:

I love waking up to see affiliate commissions in my inbox! Large or small, they add up:

This is from quite a few years ago but you can see how consistent monthly affiliate income adds up. Finding programs that pay you again and again is key:

And here's a recent example of how I worked hard for most of the month to earn over $2000 in affiliate commissions for one program plus a $1000 bonus for taking third place in their affiliate contest. This will pay off for me all year long with additional sales:

I absolutely LOVE waking up in the morning with email notices of more sales, just as much as I love teaching other people how to do the same. If this sounds appealing to you, then I can’t wait to send you easy affiliate actions you can take to earn commissions. These task have stood the test of time as you can see from the examples above! 


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