Grow Your Business by Simply Sharing Who You Are & What You Do!

Choose the easiest way to earn more sales and start shining a light on your business, yourself and your offers.

You started your business. You created products for sale. You've been building your list. 

You're doing all the right things but there's something you've forgot...

It's time to SHOW UP & SHINE.

That's right. It's time to shine a LIGHT on YOU. It's time to get known by your business like people know you by name. It's time to grow you business by simply sharing who you are AND what you do. When you show up and shine some things will start to change:

  • People will believe in you because they know that YOU believe in YOU! 
  • People will pass along your website, name and offers because they know what value you have to offer!
  • People will buy from you and become your clients because they know what you sell and don't have to work to figure it out (because they won't work, they'll just mosey on along).
  • People will be excited to say "My friend Sally does THIS."... Replace Sally with YOUR NAME. People want to share your brilliance with others but they need to know what to tell them and it's your job to give them that info! 

If you don't SHOW US that you believe in you, no one will believe you do!  I know you know your stuff. I know you believe in your value, your worth and your talents. But when you don't REALLY show it by showing up in small and big ways then nobody will know it. 

If YOU Don't Believe in You, Don't Expect Others To. You've Got to Show Up & SHINE!

There are some very real and practical things you can do to use the time you already spend showing up and getting to know other people really beneficial to your business. 

One of the biggest ways is to make sure YOU know what you do. If you don't know what you sell and what you start for then start there. Get REALLY clear on what you have to offer the world and how you're going to sell it to them. If you already know that, then you're in the right place because I've got the NEXT STEPS for you to reach the people you are so passionate about serving! 


Show Up & SHINE:
Your Plan to Attract the Most Awesome Circle of Customers & Clients by Being YOU!

Here's what you get on launch day:

  • [PDF & Mp4] Show up & Shine Challenge with practical actions to take that add shine value to many of the things you ALREADY DO like emailing, posting on social media, buying products, etc.
  • [.Doc & PDF] Show Up & SHINE Workbook so you can back up that training with actual action-taking. Lay it out in the workbook and the do it - simple! 
  • [.Doc] Show Up & SHINE Templates for bios, social posts, email signatures and more so that you can get out and blind people with your brilliance with fill-in-the-black ease.

Want to know the kinds of things we'll cover in this training? Here the kinds of shining things we'll cover in this training... subject to get better with time!

  • Shift Focus to Be About Them, Not You when you show up, so people LOVE you for loving on them. 
  • Shine in Who You Are because it's never fun to be someone you're not. 
  • No Shame or Should-Have Game, just practical steps to take to make things brighter come tomorrow.
  • Shouting About Your Business is so much easier and less intrusive than you think and I'm going to prove it to you.
  • Showing Up Every Day is key and not life-sucking if you have a good plan.
  • Sharing Praise (From People & To People) as a way to be all stealthy about how awesome you are that's a win-win for everyone!

Here is how we'll do this:

The Show Up & Shine training will be released as a 10-Day Challenge. You will get a Show Up & Shine Workbook with a list of activities to complete during those ten days. You'll also receive bite-size Show Up & Shine Training Videos for any relevant info you need to know to complete your activities.

 This training and list will be released on December 23rd and we'll start on Monday, January 6th.

You'll also get access to our private, Customer-Only Action & Networking Forum where you can introduce yourself and tell us your hope, dreams and expectations for the challenge! This is going to be fun, easy and it's going to get you taking action! 

Then, every Monday to Friday from January 6th to 17th, you'll get a Daily Video Prompt from me, Angela Wills, about showing up and shining! EEEKS! I can't wait to do this with YOU! 

I know, I know... exclamation point overload but I'm too freaking exciting to see you STOP hiding and START Shining ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Here's what you get:

  • Show Up & SHINE Workbook (pdf & .doc) ⭐
  • Show Up & SHINE Training Videos (streaming online or mp4 download) 
  • Customer Only Accountability & Networking Forum 
  • Daily Video Prompts from January 6th - 17th, Mon-Fri, in the Forums!