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It's so inspiring and interesting to hear someone's story, especially if they're somehow living life in a way you'd like to.

What we see from first glance is almost always so very different from what's behind the scenes. 

Someone opening up to share their story with you is a gift. At least that's how I feel. It requires a vulnerability and an openness, a willing to share part of what made them who they are. 

That's why I've asked the members of the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity to share their stories with you, me, us. They did not disappoint! We have 30 stories of how our members overcame something to be on the path of business they are today. I think you're going to love reading them! 

Shining Through Their Struggles.
Stories of Success from Members of the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity.

Every three months the members of the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity collaborate together to create an offer for our communities. Over the past year we've offered a lot of products at great discounts but this time I wanted to do something different. 

I asked our members to share their stories of something they've overcome and they did not dissappoint! Reading these I got chills, tears and pride in the community that has come together. I KNOW you'll find something for you in this 95 page ebook containing 30 stories of inspiration. 

Here's a peek at what you'll find inside (this isn't all the pages, either):

Just Take a Look at These Topics & Authors Who've Contributed

Follow Your Gut and Take that Big Step
By Christina Lemmey of MultimediaContentSolutions.com

Military Family Life Has Great Lessons For Business Success
By Wendy LugoSantiago of DigitalMarketinglseg.com

From Idea to the Sweet Life of Entrepreneurship
By Cherry-Ann Carew of CherryAnnCarew.com

Overcoming My Lack of Belief in Myself
by Connie Ragen Green of ConnieRagenGreen.com

You’ve Got the Power Within
by Dr. Melissa Tranquille of PeakLivingWithMel.com

How I overcame my fear of writing!
by Gael Wood of FengShuiElevation.com

I will never go back
by Britt Malka of GetMoneyMakingIdeas.com

It’s Never too Late to Take a New Path
By Fran Watson of FranWatson.ca

Building Business on a Solid Foundation of Customer Connection
By Mascha Weston of MyMindfulUniverse.com

10 Things I Did to Forget Stress
by Shirley Noah of InGoodHealthCoach.com

The Mindset to Believe in Myself
By Tara Alexandra Kachaturoff of tarakachaturoff.com

How I Finally Achieved Work-Family Balance
​By Dr Renee Cohn Jones of HelpingParentsParent.com

I Ate My Blues Away
By Cheryl A Major of ThinStrongHealthy.com

What Does It Mean to Overcome?
By Jeana Solomon of GladMediaMarketing.com

The Myth of Dirty Money
By Norma Esler of HomeFreeMedia.com

Dropping a Mental Anchor: A system for getting things done
​By Carma Spence of CarmaSpence.com

Living the Laptop Lifestyle After Children Grow Up
By Leslie J Bouldin of BibeConsulting.com

A Sweet Ending
By Rachel Hermanus of RachelHermanus.com

From Hearing Loss to Hiding and Finally Finding My Voice
by Jennifer Burke of MightyMarketingMojo.com

Life Knocks You Around But You Must Persist
​by Lois Reid of TopofYourGameMarketing.com

Starting Over Was the Biggest & Best Gift Ever
by Melody L. Wigdahl of PLRoftheMonthClub.com

Still Here and Getting Closer!
by Stephanie Gilbert of stephiethehappymom.com

What’s your Direction?
By Eileen Roth of everythinginitsplace.net

Kicking Perfectionism to the Curb
By Suzanne S Farmer of ​SuzanneSFarmer.com

Finding Freedom in the Written Word
By Lexi Rodrigo of AlexisRodrigo.com

Resetting My Definition of Success
By Pamela James of 365LivingWell.com

When One Door Closes You Open Another
By Jackie Brown of JackieBrownBooks.com

Overcoming Cancer While Starting a Business
By Kimberly Design Love of DesignYourLifeBusiness.com

Switching Up Priorities to Create the Laptop Lifestyle
by Tarsha McCrae of CreativePursuitSchool.com

Grit, Grind and Grace… Finding Balance in Entrepreneurship
By Julie Herndon of sociallyinclined.com

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Gathering of Community for Greater Success 

Hello there! I'm Angela Wills, owner and founder of the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity. In 2002 I had my son and decided to start a business. I had no business experience. I had no idea how to make money online. 

I also knew there were others like me. I knew I couldn't be the only mom who saw the potential at a time when there were few online. One of the FIRST websites I came across in my search had a community of moms. 

In this community I discovered wonderful women I could chat with, get to know and ask questions of. It was the most VALUABLE education I got! It was an ongoing learning experience rather than a one-time course or program. 

Today, in 2019, I'm mom to a teen young-man and kindergarten little-lady. 

I run the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity and I'm very clear that this amazing community of women didn't happen by accident. I sought to create a group like that first group I had... one that would support each other, lift each other up, help each other with questions and partnerships and accountability and more! 

This ebook is ALSO no accident. It's incredible inspiring and supportive because when you gather people together with this kind of synergy you see it multiple when they work together. You can see this time and again in our membership collaborations and it makes me beam with pride!

I know you'll enjoy reading the Shining Through Their Success ebook! It's totally free with email opt-in to the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity email list. Just enter your name and email below and we'll get that book straight to you now! 

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