Since 2002 Angela Wills has been helping business owners generate sales and build amazing communities online. 

Angela worked a factory job as a single mom that she quit to start a Virtual Assistance business in 2007. Within a few years she had a signature training program, a membership and dozens of digital products making her a full time income. 

Angela made the switch from hours per dollars and enjoys total time freedom. She will show you how to do so, too. 

From Angela Wills:

Providing services is an amazing way to connect with people you want to help. 

You most likely got into business to help people. 

And in your effort to help you found more and more of your time being used as you served your clients, organized your work, answered emails and did client calls and then, if you were on top of it all, also found time to market your business to protect against client loss. 

I'm not going to make any moves to talk you INTO or OUT OF providing more or less services. 

I'm offering you the Service Business Switch training to help you do what makes the most sense for you. 

I sat down and I created four separate "blueprints" to help you move from earning an hourly income to realizing how freaking powerful you can be when you leverage your time! 

Each blueprint is stand-alone. This means you can pick the path you need right now to make more leverage in your life and business and use it. Then you pick the next and so on. I have put them in a logical ramp up order BUT if you want to go right for passive income because you're ready for passive income then skip right to it. Let's get to it! 

Here are the blueprints included:

Service business switch blueprint #1:
Time-Hack Your Business

In this blueprint I will walk you through, step by step, how to make the very MOST of your time. 

Our time is so precious. It's so much more valuable than money and we have to start treating it as such! In this blueprint you're going to blow your own mind with how very much you can get done in less time, even on your client work! 

This blueprint is 10 pages, 2487 words and includes a Time Hack Worksheet at the end.

Here's a peek at this training. 

create recurring income from services

In this blueprint you will get the why and the how of turning what you know into a simple digital product. 

Creating your own product is amazing time-leverage! Now instead of doing what you know you'll be TEACHING what you know. There is no time spent after the initial time to create the product. You will help your clients and other DIYers to do something themselves or LEARN how to do it. 

Perfect example of how this works so well: I was a website designer. I created sites in WordPress. I found over and over again that my clients needed training on what they were hiring me for and what to do with the website afterwards. They needed both pre and post-education on hiring my services. So I educated them in a course and they hired me to do it for them. But now they knew exactly what they were hiring me for and the process was so much smoother. Conversely I had DIYers come into my program and think they wanted to do it themselves but then discover they needed to hire me. I then had them educated in advance. 

Pre-Education is amazing for your potential clients to come to you with a solid foundation for working with you. 
Post-Education is amazing to help them get the MOST of your services! 

This blueprint is 13 pages, 2900 words and includes a Questionnaire for coming up with Digital Products from Services.

Here's a peek at this training. 

multiply income with group coaching

In this blueprint you will learn a super fast and easy way to multiply your hourly rate by 10x or more. 

For example if you charge $45/hour at the moment you could easily do a four hour group coaching program. If you charge $450 PER PERSON, sign up 10 people and show up for those four hours to teach that equals $4500/10 = $450/hr. 

The math works! Just take what you ALREADY know and ALREADY do and teach it live to those who show up. No need to learn anything new or learn anything fancy about product creation. Total application in this blueprint. Which will help you make the hours for dollars switch FAST. 

This blueprint is 13 pages, 2900 words and includes a Questionnaire for coming up with Digital Products from Services.

Here's a peek at this training. 

generate passive income

In this blueprint you will learn a real techniques to generate passive and residual income. 

There's nothing better than watching money continue to roll in for work you did some time ago. 

It's not free of work. It's not free money. It is perhaps the most coveted and awesome type of business income we can generate, though. 

In this blueprint, which is being created during the pre-launch, will walk you through TWO passive/residual income opportunities and exactly how you can use them in your own business. 

There's no peek at this one yet (below is a copy of blueprint #2) but it will have a similar format to the others with around 10 pages of training, approx 2-3k words and a worksheet or checklist as appropriate. I can't wait to share this one with you - it's my favorite! 

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what you get & What it costs:

We are in pre-launch right now and so you'll pay only $25 for this training. It will go up to $55 on Sunday, April 11th at midnight and all four blueprints will be released on Monday, April 12th. 

Here is what you get on Monday, April 12th:

  • Blueprint #1: Time-Hack Your Business
  • Blueprint #2: Create Recurring Income From Services
  • Blueprint #3: Multiple income With Group Coaching
  • Blueprint #4: Generate Passive Income

Use these blueprints over and over to create your time-freedom and then you'll have the CHOICE of what hours for dollars work you want to do.

Order before Monday, April 12th for your best price. Click the order button below to buy the pre-launch now! 

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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you're not happy with your product you can cancel easily send a quick message for a no-questions, no-hassle refund. 

I want to leave you with this final message:

Having a heart for services doesn't mean you should be paid less or put up with any mess. When you have time-freedom and leverage then you have choices. You can pick the most amazing clients to work with and ditch anything less than full respect. You can take time off or know that if you suddenly NEED time off you'll have a backup plan. 

What I teach in these blueprints is meant to be fast, easy and applicable for now, for while you have clients and are working more hours than you'd like. I encourage you to give it a chance, make the purchase, download and APPLY one asap. 

I look forward to hearing from you after you do!