It's just not worth your LIFE to spend your time working away hours for dollars and creating no leverage in your business. I did that. It sucks. 

I created a service business that left me burnt out, overwhelmed and under paid. We don't want that for you! If you can relate to ANY of these statements, you are in the exact right place at the exact right time:

  • You started providing services because you LOVE what you do and you're good at it but you have NO time-freedom. 
  • You love your clients and your work but you want to create leverage so you can help MORE people. 
  • You want to add products, group-coaching and/or passive income to your business but don't know where to start. 
  • You've hit goals and you're proud of that, but you'd love accountability and inspiration to reach new levels in your business.

We got you!

Keep reading for details on how to get the resources you need to work SMARTER, not harder (truly), to reach more of the people you LOVE to work with, to easily add recurring and passive income to your business and to be inspired, motivated and spured into action consistenly so you get results for the long-term!

In 2007 I quit a dead-end factory job to work from home. 

I was a single mom. 

I did not have a clue what I was doing! Yet, I was determined to do it anyway.

One thing was abundantly clear to me then, throughout the years and still to this day: 

We can't do this alone! 

Building your empire is about near impossible to do in a bubble. You need people who will:

  • Buy your products, services or affiliate recommendations.
  • Refer new customers or clients to you.
  • Partner with you to create products or collaborate in events, blog posts, podcasts and more.
  • Be your FRIENDS that, from their hearts and their soles, will cheer for you, inspire you, motivate you and lift you up! 

Members and Contributors to the Shining Through Their Struggles Collaboration eBook! Working together to grow. 

I'll get right to the point - We are a special and unique community that does all this and more. 

Introducting the ALL-Access Lifestyle Business pass!

If you are looking for results-driven training that will help you finish 2020 strong and kill it in 2021 then this is the all-access pass for you!

You will get ALL my products released and existing for 2020 and all the way through to the end of the year 2021. 

The current list of products is below, with more to be added each and every month!

Immediate access to 11 on-demand business builders:

This month's training is the Money Master Challenge.  To run a business that doesn't leak money you need to become a money master. This is a challenge that gives you the tasks that lead to a better business and lifestyle. Do not ignore your money. Let's do this together. 

Life first then business is the motto of the LL YOU. If you don't create the lifestyle you want, it will be created for you. This training gives you practical and purposeful steps to embrace your vision for life and business!

There are very specific habits that I use to work less while earning more no matter what happens in my life (baby, broken ankle, COVID). Take this training if you want the peace of mine of a business that supports your life. 

List-Building is one of the most EFFECTIVE ways to boost your business by reaching more people when you have their undivided attention. This method of list building is quick, easy and works fast! 

I've found one of the biggest challenges that people face when wanting to do affiliate marketing is that they aren't sure what actions to take. This profit-boosters product gives you tasks to do to make affiliate sales.

In 2006 I gained 11 clients overnight. It is part of my success and my big lessons and I share what I learned and why I WOULD do it again!

Going from idea to offer doesn't need to take a long time. I will teach you how I think up and launch a product within hours in this training.

Your stories are what people relate to. That's what makes them know, like and trust you and that is what gets you sales. Learn how here. 

You don't have to be, do or say anything that doesn't come natural to you...  Learn to be a natural at email marketing. 

Walks you through the stages of product creation in a logical fashion. Great if this is your first time turning what you know into a product. 

When your stuff isn't selling you need more eyes on your offers. This training teachs you about list-growth so you have more people to sell to. 

exclusive expert training

I've asked my favorite people and smart business trainers to create a training that my members can use to grow their business and they did just that! These expert training not only teach you actionable information, they sometimes also have a special offer just for members that you can access through our membership portal. 

PASSIVE INCOME with Karon Thackston

Knowledge to Products with Cindy Bidar

Boost Health & Business w/ Charlotte Caunter

30-Day 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. The guarantee is simple. If you don't love the membership and are happy with your purchase just contact me (Angela) and you won't get any hassle. No hoops to jump through!

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I'm the founder here at Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity, or LL YOU for short. In 2004 my first child was born. I looked that baby boy in the little face and decided I did not want to go back to the promising career in Chemical Engineering Tech that I had just started (at 26). Right then and there I started on a path to entrepreneurship that could not be stopped or contained. 

I'm a dreamer. I'm a believer. I love love and I belive in magic. I believe 

I was told, when I quit my job in 2007, that I had my head in the clouds and you know what... I liked it there!

one-time payment

Get 2020 + 2021 All-Access to over $1200 worth of products and programs.