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Feeling Frustrated with Your
Online Sales? 

Learn to love to sell & Discover how to get people to THANK YOU for making offers that change their lives, even if you're an Introvert!

You started your business because you had something valuable to teach.
You never wanted to be a "salesperson". 
You certainly have no desire to talk, coerce or trick anyone into buying anything from you! 

Welcome to the world of the heart-based, passion-driven, online product creator... and the dilemma of needing to sell when all you want to do is serve

Would you believe me if I told you that selling IS serving?
That you can feel really GOOD about making offers to the right people at the right time in the right place? 
That those people will not only NOT be annoyed at your offers, that they'll THANK YOU for telling them what you had for sale?

I'd love to introduce you to my newest program, the program where I set out to turn you from someone who's just kind of tolerating having to sell (and doing OK) to someone who loves sales and realizes just how much of a difference it can make in the lives of people you haven't reached yet!

If you're afraid to sell, you won't create the impact you want. No more limiting yourself and playing small. Replace your fear of selling with a desire to serve! In ENERGETIC Selling I will teach you to LOVE to sell once and for all. 

Here's What Happens When You Can Sell Your Online Training & Products Without Hesitation:

  • You know you can deal with ANY money crunch because you can hustle to make the sale. 
  • You're seen as a leader and authority on the topics you promote & teach with enthusiasm.
  • You know "failures" are a fixable or teachable situation that happens to everyone.
  • You stop looking for "the secret" and start playing in your creative brain to serve your peeps!
  • You'll fully embrace YOUR personality and quirks to sell in a unique way only YOU can!
  • You'll stop fearing the sales process and start loving the opportunity to SERVE. 

People want someone they can count on to teach them something that will help them meet their goals. YOU can be that person IF you're will to stand up and say that you're proud of what you have available. People follow strong, confident leaders. 

Keep in mind: you won't have to change who you are or what you stand for to sell!

You can be strong, confident and feminine or quirky.  You can be who YOU ARE. This course won't try to change you... it will be ABOUT YOU using your own personality to sell the products and programs you have proudly created!

This Course is Different - I Won't Force You to Fit a Formula... I'll Teach You to Find Your Unique Selling Voice & Style

There a so many ways to make a sale! There are so many things you could say or do. In this course I'll be teaching you both practical methods and mindset practices to be the selling force that only YOU can be!

I Hated the Hard Sell So I Quit Doing It and I Vowed to Find a MUCH Better Way!

Many years ago I joined a business that put me into what I'd call a "hard sell" position. I hated it. It wasn't for me and I vowed to find a different way. 

Here's the story...

I became a representative of an education savings plan company. I got my license to sell investments and I got to work following the "system" that was taught to me by my business sponsor. The system:

  • I attended live events and made animal balloons to attract and give to children. 
  • While I was making the balloons I talked fast to tell parents about investing in their child's education. 
  • I offered the parents a draw for a FREE education savings plan which had a check box asking if they'd like me to follow up with them with more information. 
  • I followed up by phone to then ask the parents if I could come to their house and tell them about the education savings plans.
  • At their home, I presented the plan and closed the sale by asking how many units of savings they would like to buy to support their child's education. 

That was what they call belly-to-belly selling! It felt BAD to me. I didn't like it. I felt like I was pressuring the parents to sign up right then and there. 

My sponsor was SO GREAT at it. She seemed to really, really love it but for me it felt icky, pushy, wrong. I'm not saying that getting children signed up for education savings plans was a bad thing, but the whole in your face, hard sell really wasn't what I wanted to do. I left that business and went in search of the next thing.  

And boy did I find it in online marketing! How EASY it felt to build a list, shoot messages out to hundreds, make the offers and get the sales without EVER having to sit at another kitchen table and hand someone a contract to make payments on for the next 18 years! 

If you're so worried about your people getting an email that takes ONE SECOND to delete I encourage you to think about selling face-to-face, belly-to-belly and realize the opportunity you have in front of you. Until you've stood in front of your prospects and made the free pitch - IN PERSON, until you've taken your valuable time to make phone call after phone call , or until you've showed up at the person's home, workplace or storefront to give them the final pitch then you really have no freaking idea how EASY selling online is compared to showing up in person to earn one sale one-on-one! 

I'll Teach You The Techniques, The Tools & The THINKING You Need to Reach People Who Already Want to Buy Your Products!

​I saw this on Instagram today and it's basically the premise of the "thinking", AKA Mindset, part of this course. 

If YOU are excited about your products, have good thoughts about your offerings and relay that to your audience with high energy they will be much more likely to respond to you!

I can teach you how to do that. This is not just fluff or woo-woo talk, you'll get practical ways to be high-energy, be yourself and sell. You'll also get worksheets and checklists for things like knowing your product inside-out and figuring out what assets you have to work with to make the sale to understanding how to control the sales process.

Introducing ENERGETIC Selling!

I've been selling full-time since 2007. It's now just an ingrained part of what I do. I don't think about it as hard or extra or something to just suck it up and do. I LOVE selling and I'd LOVE to teach you how to love it, too! 

Energetic selling is your laid-out path to selling with more ease than you ever imagined. We'll work to take what you already have to make offers to people who want to buy from you, we'll make a plan use the energy inside of you to get your people excited, we'll turn you into an energetic product seller! 

Here's what you get with this course:

  1. 1
    Video Training to keep you engaged and following the program. You'll receive short, easy-to-consume video lessons & download pdfs worksheets, checklists & assignments for action. The video will be gradually released over the month so you can follow along and keep engaged as you work through the course.
  2. 2
    Live Q&A Webinar Sessions (Recorded) so you can show up and keep up with the course (we'll do a summary in each session). You'll be able to keep accountable in these sessions and also make sure you don't get left behind by getting all your questions answered. 
  3. 3
    Unlimited Forum Support where you will connect with other amazing business owners offering their great skills to the world. You'll be able to network, help each other and learn from each others experiences. This forum remains open for your support even after the course has ended.
  4. 4
    No-Charge Updates & Retakes. This course will live on Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity and you will receive course updates and live Q&A retakes at no extra charge to you. It's a "living" course that will grow over time and you're in from the start!

What People Say About Me &
My Training Programs

“You're a Joy to Learn From.”

" know I've said this before, but I truly appreciate your authenticity. You're a joy to learn from and to be associated with. You truly live and speak from your heart and it shows in everything you do. I love your lightheartedness, your passion for life and learning, and your genuine interest in helping others to show up and do their best!"

Tara Kachaturoff

“Angela is a powerhouse of a human being, smart and kind and always willing to help others become successful as entrepreneurs. I have the utmost respect for her.."

Connie Ragen Green

“Honest, "Proof in Action" Approach to Business"

“Your brand is your honest, "proof in action" approach to business Angela! I've known you (first online, then in person) for about 10 years and have always been drawn to you because of your natural, studied and proven business acumen."

Sharon McMillan

Ready to Energetically Sell Your Digital Training to People Who Are Excited and Eager to Buy From YOU? Let's Get Started...

Then Energetic Selling course starts September 9th and registration will close on Friday, August 30th. 

Register now to secure your seat and then plan on setting time aside each week for the training so you can squash your fear of selling and turn it into a desire to serve your people!

Click below to claim your spot in the program. Immediate forum access included - come introduce yourself today! 

You're too late to buy this program BUT there's another way to grab it. ENERGETIC Selling is available exclusively to members of the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity.

If you become a member of the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity for $37/month you will get access to this course. Flat purchase price was $97 so you'll save big-time AND get membership access.  We start Sept. 9th and I can't wait to teach you how to sell with pride!  

get this program at no additional cost!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

More Nice People Who Said Nice Things About My Offers...

“I've been blessed to know you since our very early days in business and you've never failed to shift and adapt when the situation called for it. Keep on inspiring us all!"

Kelly McCausey

“You are awesome and you really know your stuff. I love how open you are about your process and what worked and what might be better if you changed something up this way or that."

Dortha Hise
Angela Wills

Creator of ENERGETIC Selling

About the Owner & Course Creator

I quit my job to sell my services as a Virtual Assistant full time in 2007 and became solely supported by digital products in 2012. I'm the CEO of the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity, where I teach almost 200 people on a daily basis how to build their communities, create and sell products and design their laptop lifetyles! 

I've sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of training online. I've helped thousands of digital business owners. I can't wait to teach YOU how to remove all fears of selling, all hesitation to tell the world what you offer and all the stigma of making money doing what you love. 

I'm proud of all I have to offer and I take my responsibility to share my training and resources with you seriously because I know it can help change lives. I wish you to have this kind of confidence for your business, too. 

ENERGETIC Selling is Delivered in Easy to Follow Lessons
& Actionable Assignments.
Here's What Training You Can Expect:

  • Survey Your Sales Assets so you know what you have, and what you have to build.
  • Decide Your Sales Urgency so people will pay attention and take action to buy your offers.
  • Copywriting Essentials you can use in emails, blog posts, social media & more.
  • Sales Conversion Basics to understand and take CONTROL of your results.
  • Leave Fear of Selling Behind and replace it with a burning desire to serve your peeps.
  • Get EXCITED about selling so your energy is infectious and undeniable.
  • Selling From Your Stories so that people relate to you and are motivated to take action.
  • Your Successful Sales System discovery so that you find your unique sales methods.
  • Passive Sales Practices so you can take breaks, vacations and enjoy the Laptop Lifestyle!

I just can't wait to share this all with you! I know you can sell, feel passionate about what you do, get excited to welcome new customers and revel in the impact you get to make and celebrate with the people you get to help. It's so fun to know YOU can do this and repeat it over and over again. It's a skill you NEVER forget once you get it down! 

To Review, When You Sign Up for ENERGETIC Selling You Get:

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    Nine (9) Energetic Selling lessons releasing starting on September 9th.
  • angle-right
    Bite-sized training that contains video lessons with pdf worksheets, checklists, templates & assignments to get your current products selling fast. 
  • angle-right
    Supportive forum access to learn from, network with and share lessons with other digital training business owners like you. 
  • angle-right
    Four live Q&A webinar sessions that will ensure you don't get stuck and get all your questions answered. Come meet others in the course and stay accountable.
    Live Q&A Dates: Sept. 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th at 1pm ET.  Recordings To Follow. 
  • angle-right
    ​All course updates and retakes, including any live bonus Q&A sessions in the future. 

You're too late to buy this program BUT there's another way to grab it. ENERGETIC Selling is available exclusively to members of the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity.

If you become a member of the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity for $37/month you will get access to this course. Flat purchase price was $97 so you'll save big-time AND get membership access.  We start Sept. 9th and I can't wait to teach you how to sell with pride!  

get this program at no additional cost!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Let's remove all the risk for you. I am so sure that you CAN love selling that I'll return your money if I'm wrong. If you buy the program, commit to taking it and then feel it didn't do anything for you, I'll return your money. To activate the guarantee just sign up, take the course, complete the assignments and post them into the forums as per the course instructions. If you feel it wasn't as promised let me know and I'll send you your money back. 

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P.S.: Just to be sure you know I will close registration to this program on Friday, August 30th. We will start on September 4th and the course lessons will start releasing on the 9th. I can't wait to hear how it goes as you work through the activities designed to get your offers to the people who you've asked you to help them! 

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