(Real Examples) Ways I’ve made money online since 2002.

 (NOTE: Photo from my happy place by the local beach BEFORE quarantine – just so you know I’m following the rules 😉 ) Ways I have made money online since 2002: 

✔ Selling homemade soaps, bath bombs & bath & body products through an online shopping cart then mailing them to customers.
 I got paid directly from customers ordering from the website I created using the shopping cart software I set up. 

✔ Selling soy candles and building a team as part of a network marketing (direct sales or social selling as it’s now called).
 I got paid through the company when someone ordered the products or when my team members had orders go through for their customers. 

✔ Selling my services as a Virtual Assistant.
 I got paid when I did the hourly work. Then, I got pre-paid when I sold package and retainers for work to be done by a certain date. 

✔ Selling my services as an Affiliate Manager.
 I got paid when I did the hourly work. Then, I got pre-paid when I sold package and retainers for work to be done by a certain date. 
✔ Selling custom articles written by a team of writers (I owned a writing agency).
 I got paid when a customer ordered an article set. I paid my writers a set fee and kept the rest. 

✔ Selling my services as a WordPress Website Designer.
 I got paid when someone ordered a website setup to be completed by a certain date. 

✔ Selling courses on dozens of topics, .
 I got paid when someone registered for the course. 

✔ Selling digital training such as eBook, workshops, bundles of products, pre-created content and more.
 I got paid when someone bought the product through my website. 

✔ Selling other people’s products as an affiliate marketer.
 I get paid on a payout date after I send a company a customer. 

✔ Selling my services as a Business Coach.
 I got paid for providing coaching based on my vast experience and years of selling online. 

✔ Selling ongoing monthly support, community and training through a membership.
 I have run membership websites where people pay monthly (set up to automatically recur) for ongoing access. I’ve run memberships since 2010.  

Phew! Did I miss any? I’ll review later and see if I did. 

The point – I’ve been making an income online since 2002. I know how to do this. 

Right now is a time of great uncertainty for many people and it’s something we’ve never seen before but because I have earned money in so many ways I’m really not worried. I know that people have ALWAYS traded items and services for value. When it wasn’t money it was bartering. That isn’t going to change no matter what the world is going through.  

We WANT to be of service to each other and we all have different skills and abilities. Me – I’ve always been super curious to try new things. Even as I kid I tried every single craft and activity I can find. As an adult, as you can tell from the list above, I love to try different businesses and methods! 

This puts me in the unique position to have a perspective on a lot of ways you could build your business and help you find what will work for you!  

I LOVE when I match up with a person who I can help with what I’ve learned and so I’d like to wrap up here by telling you HOW I can help you: 

1. Group Coaching – I have a program running now with weekly group coaching. We have 50 people registered for this program and about 12 or so show up live each week. There’s room for YOU in the program and/or on the live call. I will teach you, week by week, what it takes to run an online business from the experience I’ve had in my 17+ years doing it. You can jump in ANYTIME! It’s not too late. On the payment plan your first payment is less than $30! Sign up here >> https://angelawills.com/meconomy/ (coupon code: timeisnow) 

2. Member’s Community – My amazing community of people running their businesses online and doing so many creative things is something I’m really proud of! You can join us for only $37 or you can get a full year for $297 (OR – hit me up for an even better discount – shhh ;). Sign up here: https://angelawills.com/join-now/ 

3. Personal Coaching – I’d love to work with you daily, through email, and see what you’re working on. I help my personal coaching clients best when they send me a daily accountability message to tell me what they’re going to work on and then check in with me about what they completed the next day. This works! It keeps people motivated and gets them creating more results. I would normally charge $197/month for this coaching unless you commit to a full year but right now you can get coaching from me for only $97/month. Sign up here if you’d love to have me as your business coach! >> https://angelawills.com/amember/signup/coaching 

Who this is for: All my offerings are for people who already have a business idea and usually a website, an offer and they know who they’re talking to (who their niche is). These offers are not for someone who doesn’t understand anything about working online or who are questioning if they can offer value. I work with people who KNOW they have skills and value to offer and now just need the extra boost to move to the NEXT level. If that’s you – let’s chat (no pressure – send me a message). 

I look forward to working with you!!!
Angela Wills
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1 thought on “(Real Examples) Ways I’ve made money online since 2002.”

  1. Hi Angela,

    I love your email messages they are so clear and simple. I am one of those people who knows her value and know what I can offer my clients. I would love to chat with you again. How can we connect?

    Also, I wanted to let you know that I am a radio talk show host and would love to have you speak on my show. I have had Tawnya Sutherland, Mark Hunter talk on my show already. I am going to have Cindy Bidar talk on my show this month. Shoot me an email and let me know if you are interested in talking on my show.

    Warm Wishes,

    Marie Mason
    Liberty Virtual Solutions
    Email: marievmason@gmail.com
    Link to calendar:calendly.com/marievmason

    We design a marketing strategy with you in mind.

    (I have come a long way with my virtual assitant agency in the last 3 years)

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