Are you playing to your skills?

Hey there! Do you feel like you’re in limbo right now waiting for 2020 to end? 

It’s a weird little week, the one between Christmas and New Years. Some of us are buckling down to get a jump on the new year and some are taking a very well deserved rest.

Today I wanted to talk with you about how LOST I got for the last seven years. 

This just occurred to me this week and it was some sort of freaking epiphany. 

Here’s what happened:

I had my daughter Ella in 2014. In the time before that I always wrote ALL my products. I took pride in my ability to make things easy to understand, I loved the connection I could make with the written word and I was a FAST writer (am a fast writer) so I could whip out content quickly basically writing my heart out and feeling really good about the good I was putting out into the world. 

Then my sweet, determined, head-strong, powerful, wonderful Ella came along.

And she CONSUMED my world and I kind of got sucked up whole for a while.

Yes, dramatic I know but if you knew Ella you’d know how very appropriate that is plus I’m practicing emoting in my writing again so it fits 😉 

It made sense at the time that I couldn’t write. I had literally 30 mins some weeks in those first few weeks to even try to think about business. So I didn’t do webinars or continue my writing habits and I did decide to put that down, but I think I meant for it to be temporary.​​

For three years after Ella was born I DID NOT SLEEP.
She work up every 2-3 hours for three years. And yaya sleep training, yaya good for me lol I am stubborn and would not let her cry and didn’t want her to sleep in my bed. Stubborn I tell you but that also equals determined and persistent.

So… three years I was a mommy zombie. NO IDEA how I ran my business in that time.

Then I was another year to recover and we’re into year four. 

Then in years five through seven I just got lost… I just FORGOT what I was really good at.

And then last week I remembered.

I used to write and write and write.

I used to connect and make a difference and make a big impact.

I used to get emails all the time about how my courses and my writing and my work made a difference. 

During the pandemic I got a message on Linked In from a guy who had taken one of my courses about six years ago and because of my course he didn’t miss a beat during this time. THAT is what I am craving again. I don’t want to make a little blip of a difference like helping someone get 100 people on their email list. I want to help people change their lives and I think my BEST BET at doing that is doing what I’m best at.

And that, is writing.

I’m a Writer.

It’s so weird that I FORGOT that. 

I blame baby brain. Then I blame just kind of thinking I wasn’t a writer anymore and I wanted to do something else. Then I also blame just getting out of the habit of writing.

So all that changes for me now. 

As you can tell I can write today.

I also got a keyboard where the keys don’t stick (yahoo game changer lol). 

In 2021 my goal is to write a minimum of 1000 words a day. I’m close already with this email/post but I also have products and salespages to write. 

I’m excited!

But let’s get back to YOU. 

Here’s why I’m telling you this. Ask yourself these questions:

What are you GOOD at? What is it that you do with ease and makes the most impact? Did you forget and get lost like me? Can you find it again?

Here’s something to help you with this. I came up with this idea that we can equate much of what you can do with online business to typical “jobs” that everyone knows about, like Writer. If you look at these jobs and see where you fit in with your skillset and desires and impact then you may find where you need to focus your attention. 

Here are the jobs:

  • Teacher – Create classes, live trainings and opportunities for you to teach.
  • Reporter – Report on what you know, what you’re doing, what works via blogs, emails, social, etc.
  • Coach – Work one on one or in groups with others to make big impact.
  • Writer – Consistently write and affect and impact with your words (courses, blogs, social, etc).
  • Speaker – Show up and speak and help people through your words AND expression.
  • Salesperson – Sell stuff! You don’t have to create it, even, if you’re the affiliate.
  • Manager – In this work you’ll need a team or you’ll work for someone with a team.
  • CEO – You’ll build a business to the point you can be hands-off.

I don’t fit into just ONE of these jobs. I would say I’m Writer, Teacher, Report, Coach and Salesperson at this point but my MAIN JOB is Writer now that I’ve come to my senses and seen how I have ignored my greatest skill for far too long! 

Where do you fit? I’d love to hear! Hit reply and let me know. 

Angela Wills
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2 thoughts on “Are you playing to your skills?”

  1. Great breakdown of all the ‘jobs’. Very helpful. There are so many seemingly important things people are doing, I am caught up in the whirlwind of all there is I must do. since I am a librarian and self-described ‘infomaniac’ I do deep dives to understand all I don’t know about things. That was last year as I was given an affiliate marketing website in January 2020. I was quickly steeped in info. At the same (February 2020) I started building a website devoted to Senior Health and Fitness which has been a passion of mine. I finally launched it in Nov,2020 so I call it my Covid ‘Baby’. Along the way, I discovered the digital products side of things. This drew me in because I am a life-long advocate of goal-setting and even had a business years ago selling goal-setting programs. It was a disaster because as much as I love goalsetting, I HATE selling. Back to now. I love the journals and planners biz and decided to pursue it. By the end of the year, I had decided to NOT pursue the direction of the affiliate marketing site I was gifted because it did not move me. So anyway, this article has helped me sort things out, determine where I fit in, and play to my strengths. You’re probably tired of me by now and I have a Cindy Bidar webinar coming up in 10 minutes. So thanks, and see ya.

    1. Thank you re: jobs breakdown. I think I will be implementing it into a lot of my training and coaching because it makes it easier to understand where one might fit when it is put in terms that we all know immediately.

      Love the Covid Baby project!

      No way not tired of you at all. I love hearing from people and what they’re working on.

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