After Years of Struggling to Create a Profitable Business on The Internet I Broke Through by Offering Services

Get the easy to read,  to-the-point case study with an action plan to help you transition your skills and abilities into offering services and earning quick income.

As I write this most of the world in in quarantine and many people are looking for hope and ideas on how to make it through possibly very uncertain times ahead. 

There are people out there who will be starting businesses and people already running business. They're going to need help.

They may need someone like YOU. They may need someone to take what they know and turn it into a service so that they can focus on their brilliance and you on yours. 

This is what I did in 2006 after years of frustration. I turned what I knew into a service-based offer and with the method I describe in this case study I ended up getting 11 clients in 24 hours! 

Overnight VA Success Story

Becoming a Virtual Assistant changed my life. From 2002 until 2006 I struggled to find a way to work from home and make a profit. Before I became a VA I did nothing but spend money and not earn near as much back. When I started offering services ALL THAT CHANGED. 


If you're looking for a way you could earn money within the next few days and you have a skill to share this is something you can do!

Here's a peek at what you'll find inside (this isn't all the pages, either):

Overnight VA Success Story eBook:

Overnight VA Five Week Action Plan:

I'll tell you the punchline of this case study. 

I was tired of trying to get clients and trying to convince people to hire me so I decided to REVERSE THE RISK. You see I knew that by commiting to paying $15/hr or more for my services they were taking on a risk that my work might not be up to par. 

When I offered my services for $50 for 10 hours I assumed the risk! I was HOPING they would continue to work with me at a regular rate but it was not guaranteed. It created a win/win situation where they got to see how I worked (and how GOOD I was at it) and I got to gain 100 hours of experience really quickly! I tell you the full story inside the case study of how I laid this all out. 

Here's a challenge for you:
TRY IT! You don't have to make the same offer I did but make AN OFFER and see if you can't make what you pay to access this training really, really fast! 


Here's are a few examples of what you might offer:

  • Special rate on Trial Services - 3 hours for $45!  (I loved this method before going deep into working with a client).
  • 10 hours for $100 (still an amazing deal - or do 10 for $200).
  • Project based specials (example - I'll set up 5 email autoresponders for $75 - then regular price is XXX)

To be clear this is not about discounting to devalue your services! It's about removing the RISK of hiring you. People who want to hire a service-provider have no idea what they're getting into. Prove to them you can do the work and you'll be a joy to work with and you've got a long-term happy client! Just make sure they know up front your regular rates and that this is INTRO pricing! 

I can't wait to hear YOUR success story :) 


Overnight VA Success Story

Only $30

No hassle 30-day money back guarantee. 

About the Author, Angela Wills

Hello there! I'm Angela Wills, owner and founder of the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity. Since 2007 I have been happily self-employed! 

I love to teach women how to use the skills and abilities they have to create profitable online businesses. 

I've helped thousands of people through my services, coaching, courses and products. I'd love to help you, too!