No More Ignoring Your Money.
Face It, Manage It & Master It With the Money Master Challenge! 

It's time to put time into your relationship with
money so that you can thrive, not survive!

About the Author, Angela Wills

Hello there! I'm Angela Wills. Since 2007 I've been helping people build online businesses and make money. 

I've made close to 1 million dollars from online products and offers in the process. 

Yet, I struggled with money for YEARS. I'm not cured yet, either, but I'm WAY better than I used to be. 

I decided I HAD TO face my money issues, work on them, challenge myself... 

You can't earn your way out of money-issues. You can't ignore your money and hope it will take care of itself. You can't have terrible money habits and expect to grow a thriving, maximized and wealth-generating business. 

I heard a great way to describe how to look at money. Your money is like a relationship. You MUST put attention to it consistently and purposefully if you want to have a GOOD relationship. You can't throw some attention at it once in a while and expect things to work out. 

Have you fallen into any of these money traps?

  • You think that when you earn more money (like six figures) your money problems will go away.

  • You are spending a LOT of money on content, tools, training and more in hopes the next thing will be the right thing to boost your business.

  • Looking at your money is demotivating so you don't do it and you keep your positive mindset that one day things will work out. 

Unfortunately things are not just going to work themselves out. Mastering your money is a path to an incredible amount of FREEDOM! It's time to the time to not only make the money but manage the money and save the money so you are a total master and looking at your accounts is a motivator for you! Help is here. Introducing the...

Money Master Challenge!

The Money Master Challenge is series of tasks provided to help you make your money work for you. They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit and so over the 21 days of this challenge we will work to create a long-term habit of good money-management for long-term progress!

Challenge access in a secure customer area that you can refer to again and again. This is also where you will access the other challengers community. 

Your Money-Master-Tasks will fall into three categories:

  1. Mindset
  2. Habits
  3. Organization

You choose the tasks to do. Do them all or do the ones that suit you best!

You will be assigned a points system for each task and you can self-score to measure your progress over the fun... making a game of mastering your money! 

Here is a sample of some of your tasks and associated points:

  • Start Journaling (10 points each)
  • Pay Yourself (50 points)
  • Cut Monthly Expenses (50 points per)
  • Watch Every Word (-10 points for negative speak)

When you sign up for the Money Master Challenge you will get immediate access 21 challenge actions you can start working through right away. Here's what your customer area looks like:

Here's your printable challenge guide PDF:

Who Am I and Why Learn Money Mastery WITH Me?

YES - I said learn WITH me. I will not call myself a Money Master, not even close. I've been in debt to the tune of over $30,000 about five times. I've gained money windfalls that have been gone in months. I've lived in overdraft. 

I remember one particular time many years ago when buying a BROOM was about to give me so much anxiety that I put the darn thing back becausee I was just too afraid to spend my money on it. 

I understand where you are or where you're coming from. I'm not one of those people who've always been good with money. I've worked DAMN HARD to get where I am with money right now and I have more learning to do. So I learn and I share and I share and I learn... it's a wonderful process! 

In 2018 I hit my first six figure year in my business. You know what? Six figures won't fix your money problems. I can say that with certainty now. I think I was waiting until I earned more, hoping I'd finally catch up and all my issues would be resolved. Not so. Making more money will not solve money issues - being a master of your money WILL. Let's work on this together! 


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