MailerLite Email Software – Why I Love It

I’ve recently acquired two new websites and in the process of purchasing both sites I also acquired the email subscribers to those sites. I wasn’t intending to switch email software and was doing pretty good with Active Campaign, but as soon as I saw and used MailerLite I fell in love! 

First off… I love that the list growth stats are right on the dashboard. It’s a simple thing but it keeps list building top of mind and shows me immediately upon accessing my account how I’m doing with that. 

Next.. I had to contact the customer service chat about four times while I was getting the account transferred to me and they were AMAZING to deal with. I have always talked about how important customer support is for a software program you choose to run your business is. MailerLite’s service was fast, knowledgable and friendly. Every time! It blew me away. 

Not to mention it was so easy to transfer the full account from the new site right over to me. 

I also love that you can sign up for a totally free account. I know it’s hard for anyone not yet list-building to put out the money month after month for a service they’re not using. The catch is if you don’t have the software you’ll have a learning curve when you ARE ready to use it! So I love that you can get in there now if you’re new or if you have a list under 1000, for no cost. 

I have THREE accounts with MailerLite but they’re all in the one login so it’s easy to flip between accounts and check on all my lists. I love that because before I had to have every website in the one account (or pay a LOT more) but that’s not the case with MailerLite. 

By moving from AC to MailerLite I also saved myself $174/month!

If you’re on the lookout for an email software I highly recommend this program. It has a very smoother user interface (UI), which means when you click stuff it works and easily. It’s EASY to understand, too. I was able to get to using it without looking at any directions… just totally intuitively set up so I can click and use. 

You can get yourself a free account here:

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