Creating Lifestyle Freedom Means Everything is YOUR CHOICE - When You Work, Where, How & How Much

Work less & earn more is not a cliche, it's a real thing. You need to MAKE IT HAPPEN with the habits that create what you want. This is the training to help you do just that. 

In 2007 I quit my job to provide business services online. I thought I had made my dream happen but over the next six months I realized I had created a nightmare. 

I did NOT leave work and create freedom. I created a time-sucking, energy-draining, lifestyle-blocking dud of a business. Seriously. That might sound dramatic but it sucked. It was not anywhere near what I thought I wanted. 

The problem was I never took the time to think about what I wanted and so by-default my random choices and lack of boundaries decided the lifestyle was: Work 40-60 hours per week, earn way less than you deserve and have clients who own your time and disrespect the boundaries you didn't set. eeek!

That experience made me VERY passionate about creating lifestyle freedom and never working so hard for so little. Over the years I've been able to grow my income while working less and less and when the life tests came up to see if I had truly created a laptop lifestyle I passed every one! 

  • Test #1: Can you sustain a serious injury and still grow your business? YES - I broke my ankle and spent life on the couch for six months and still grew my business.
    ☑ PASSED
  • Test #2: Can you have a baby who takes up 95% of your time and not have your business tank while you raise baby? YES - In 2014 my daughter was born and my business dropped slightly but I worked less than 10 hours per week that whole year. Over the years that followed my income grew and grew while I worked 15-25 hours per week, no more. 
    ☑ PASSED
  • Test #3: COVID-19. I did NOT see this coming, none of us did. It has, however, been the ultimate test of the "laptop lifestyle". Can I work with kids at home?.. YES. It's tough but possible. Can I work is total isolation and grow my business?.. YES. And even start a new business, too.
    ☑ PASSED

That's my experience and those are my results but none of this is about me. I hope you've been reading this and thinking you can relate and that you can see yourself in my experiences while also seeing that you can create what you want in your life, too. 

But the one thing I've learned is that you HAVE TO be purposeful in your creation! You HAVE TO decide what you want your life to look like! That's why I always say "Life first then business."

And so, with that in mind, I'd love to introduce you to my newest product:


Lifestyle Freedom Success Habits!

Lifestyle Freedom Success Habits is training that explains the major habits that help you create total lifestyle freedom. This isn't a laundry list of tasks to do... these are very specific actions that I've done from 2007 until now to create the freedom and PEACE of mind in business that I have today.

In this training, I'll walk you through what to do and HOW to do it:

I know that I can always earn money. I know that I can always find customers. I know that I can always create a community and it comes down to having these habits as a foundation. 

Here are the habits we will cover during this training:

  • Choosing Life First, Then Business & HOW to make it happen
  • Inventory Your Services, Offers & Affiliate Links so you know your business inside-out
  • Setting Your Daily Money Goal & taking action so that your consistency can take effect
  • Examples of Daily Moneymaker Tasks to do each and every day (plus a big list of ways to market your business all day long)

The Lifestyle Freedom Success Habits training will include a pre-recorded training you can access anytime you need it, with jump-links to jump to any specific section you need. You'll also get an audio version to listen on the go (walking, in the car, cleaning house, etc). Also included is a printable version with notes of the training presentation. 

This is an easy to consume program with valuable lessons you can take action on now and for years to come (as I said these have served me for 13+ years). 

What is it worth to you to:

  • Stop relying on clients for your income and to decide how you get to live?
  • Have the freedom to stand and thrive through life's challenges?
  • Knowing you can create income from anything at anytime from anywhere and take that peace of mind with you throughout life?

To me, this is priceless. I experience all of the above and more and you couldn't offer me a job I'd take to replace what I've created for myself. It's THAT valuable to me. Only YOU can decide what it's worth to you but I do want to offer you a boost in that direction with the Lifestyle Freedom Success Habits training! 

Until Saturday, July 25th, you can buy this program for only $20. I'm so excited to share this training with you! 

Order Lifestyle Freedom Success Habits

Only $50

When you buy this program, you get:

  • Lifestyle Freedom Success Habits On-Demand Video Training (55mins)
  • Audio Version for easy learning on the go (mp3)
  • Printable Training Version with space for your notes (PDF)
  • Marketing Moneymaker Tasks checklist (doc)
  • Digital Business Planner with Goalsheet & Profit Planning sheet (xls)
  • BONUS - Goalsetting video (6mins) & Profit Planning video (9mins)

No risk, No hassle 30-day money back guarantee. 

About the Author, Angela Wills

Hello there! I'm Angela Wills, owner and founder of the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity. Since 2007 I have been happily self-employed! 

I love to teach women how to use the skills and abilities they have to create profitable online businesses. 

I've helped thousands of people through my services, coaching, courses and products. I'd love to help you, too!