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The bundle runs from June 22nd - 26th

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Upsell is List Building with Giveaway Events...

I'm selling the List-Building with Giveaway Events as the upsell for this giveaway. After they sign up they will receive an invitation to use a coupon code to buy it for $25 (instead of $50) and then after purchase they will receive an offer to join Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity for only $1. This has been working VERY well with a 70% conversion to membership. I'm hoping to help you all get PASSIVE, RECURRING commissions just for sending people to a free giveaway! How would you like that? ;) 

Full List of Contributors by Category:

We have over $3300 in products to GIVE AWAY to your people! Let's get excited and get them to this giveaway.

You can list these products in your promotions. I highly recommend you break these up and not send the full list in each email. That maybe too much. There are over 50 contributors so you can stress that part - they have plenty to choose from! 


  • Diverse Your Discourse: A Masterclass on Improving Your Writing in an Anti-Racist World by Jackie Brown of ($85 Value - FREE)
  • Quarantine Queen by Kimberly Love of ($47 Value - FREE)

Business & Marketing:

  • Geek in Your Pocket's Guide to Upleveling Your WordPress Site by Renee Schupe of ($27 Value - FREE)
  • Work at Home & Digital Marketing for Over 50s by Norah Deay of ($27 Value - FREE)
  • Small List Email Maestro by Britt Malka of ($17.96 Value - FREE)
  • Really Simple SEO Tips by Connie Ragen Green of ($29.99 Value - FREE)
  • 1,000 Ideas for Entrepreneurs and Creatives Ebook by Gael Wood of ($19.95 Value - FREE)
  • Master the Gutenberg WordPress Editor by Anne Perez of ($27 Value - FREE)
  • Virtual Assistant Foundations by Meredith Eisenberg of ($197 Value - FREE)
  • Easy Zoom by Carol Bremner of ($27 Value - FREE)
  • Newsletter Launch for Beginners by Antoinette Burrell of ($47 Value - FREE)
  • Onboarding Magic by Sharon Benson of ($37 Value - FREE)
  • Jump Start Your Book Marketing with Exciting VIDEO by Jeana Solomon of ($97 Value - FREE)
  • Sell More Serve More Challenge by Judit Mueller-Kiss of ($97 Value - FREE)
  • Website Kick Start Kit by Tamara McAndrew of ($99 Value - FREE)
  • Online Marketing Automation by Leslie Bouldin of  ($47 Value - FREE)
  • Build Your Online Business With Free Content by Cherry-Ann Carew of ($47 Value - FREE)
  • Digital Marketer's Quick-Start Guide to Profitable Funnels by Cindy Bidar of ($67 Value - FREE)


  • Coffee & Connection - Parent Support Group by Dr Renee Cohn Jones of ($80 Value - FREE)
  • Plant Based Eating Bundle by Angela Hobbs of ($27 Value - FREE)
  • Warm Fuzzies PLR Coloring Quote Designs by Lady Rayven Monique of ($15 Value - FREE)
  • Life Change Ahead: An 8 Week Guided Journal To Help You Embrace Change by Tracy Slocum of ($27 Value - FREE)
  • Finding Your Creative Bones by Cindy Rae Fancher of ($31.98 Value - FREE)
  • Routine Lists for Your Life by Eileen Roth of ($27 Value - FREE)
  • 20 DFY Mandala Coloring Pages by Ruth Bowers of ($30 Value - FREE)
  • Find Your Balance, Reclaim Your Life by Pamela James of  ($297 Value - FREE)
  • Forgiveness Ebook & Workbook Bundle by Elle of ($39 Value - FREE)
  • Homeschool 101 - Is it Right for Your Family This Fall? by Suzanne S Farmer of ($27 Value - FREE)
  • Getting Organized Mini-Course by Fran Watson of ($47 Value - FREE)
  • 365 day Printable Personal Development Planner by Elle Zee of ($33 Value - FREE)

Mindset & Money:

  • How to Make Money as a Freelance Writer by Heather Ritchie of ($40 Value - FREE)
  • Ways to Make Money Freelancing Course by Norma Allen Esler of ($37 Value - FREE)
  • Budget Smart Girl Money Makeover by Susan Palmquist of ($17 Value - FREE)
  • Learn how to Lower your Taxable Income & Build Wealth using 3 tax strategies by Cynde Canepa, BS, EA, LTC of ($197 Value - FREE)
  • Woo Woo Entrepreneur Starter Toolkit by Mascha Weston of ($47 Value - FREE)

Product Creation, Content & Graphics:

  • 5 Ways to Repurpose PLR into Blog Posts by Mark Hunter of ($27 Value - FREE)
  • Suellen's Tremendous Toolkit for Writers by Suellen Estes of ($77 Value - FREE)
  • "PLR Stash to Cash" Live Group Coaching Event by Melissa Brown of ($97 Value - FREE)
  • Create Your Book for Kindle by Bo Johnson of ($47 Value - FREE)
  • Gratitude Quotes & Prompts Social Graphics by Lori Winslow of ($27 Value - FREE)
  • Canva Workbook Template & Word Design Templates Combo Kit by April Lemarr of ($27 Value - FREE)
  • Stress-Free Launch: Promo Graphics Toolkit + LIVE Masterclass by Angelique Duffield of  ($50 Value - FREE)
  • How to Create Lead Magnets for Top-Performing Results (TEACHABLES PLR) by Mitzy Thompson of ($47 Value - FREE)
  • Infinite Idea Generation for Blogging and Content Creation by Clif Burrell of ($47 Value - FREE)
  • Just Beachie DFY Coloring Bundle with PLR Rights by Ruth Bowers of ($57 Value - FREE)

Self-Care & Wellness:

  • What's In A Food Label by Cheryl A Major of ($27 Value - FREE)
  • 4-Part LAMB Webinar (Laughter, Attitude of Gratitude, Mindfulness, Breathing) by Michelle Winterburn of ($47 Value - FREE)
  • Find Your Future Happiness NOW Virtual Retreat by Kristine Goad of ($197 Value - FREE)
  • Take Care of Yourself: Self Care Bundle of Journals & Planners by Monique Nelson of ($47 Value - FREE)
  • Don't Panic: How to Find Inner Peace and Calm by Shirley Noah of ($27 Value - FREE)

Social Media Marketing:

  • Creating Your Facebook Group for Braggable Engagement by Val Selby ($47 Value - FREE)
  • Positive Thinking Quote Images PLR by Tara Alexandra of ($37 Value - FREE)
  • 365 Day Social Media Content Calendar With Bonus by Sandra Clarke of ($64.97 Value - FREE)



Email Swipe: Intro to Giveaway

Suggested Send Dates: June 22nd - 26th

Subject Suggestions:

  • Check out this big (FREE for everyone) giveaway
  • Over $3k worth of lifestyle business offers at NO COST
  • It's Ready! This will help you create business freedom

Suggested Email (edit or just use for inspiration for best results):

Wow! I've just gotten a look at the 2nd Annual Lifestyle Freedom Giveaway from members of the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity and I'm blown away by the variety of products and value that is included. Grab your shopping bag and pick up over 50 REAL offers from some very awesome online teachers. They're all real products included and they're all free.

Angela has truly done something special here. She's brought together an event where her people are willing to give away true paid products (not freebies) at one low price. There are over 50 contributors, over $3000 worth of products and so much value. You can grab this for absolutely no cost. I'm so excited and can't wait to grab many of these wonderful products myself!

Also, Angela suggest you DO NOT by any means try to use ALL these products. There's far too much included for that. What you want to do is pick and choose the things that will help you move your business forward NOW. Don't worry about the rest. Offers will come again, don't worry about FOMO, you'll invest in your business at the right time and you just have to trust in what will be will be.  

Topics the giveaway will include are:

  • Business & Marketing
  • Lifestyle 
  • Money & Mindset
  • Product Creation, Content & Graphics
  • Self-Care & Wellness
  • Social Media Marketing

​They're ready and waiting for you now. 

Here's where to go. Take a Peek! >>> AFFILIATE LINK HERE

Your NAME****

Email Swipe: Reminder

Suggested Send Date: Between June 22nd - 26th

Subject Suggestions:

  • Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome - here's how.
  • Did you see this great big awesome giveaway?
  • The Lifestyle Freedom Giveaway is ready!

So hey did you see my email the other day about this great big bundle of awesome business and life products from digital marketers? These are marketers who are all members of the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity and they ROCK. Seriously.

These people are focused on building their own lifestyle freedom and they have skills and talents and offers to help you improve your business and life in many unique areas and ways. I'm talking about products on things like:

  • ******************Pick products from the list above to highlight

Look there is so much great stuff you might be a bit worried. You might be worried you'll get so distracted, overwhelmed and just plain Shiny Object Syndrome yourself into an unproductive business. That is not the goal AT ALL so here's the best advice for that:

This is an incredible opportunity to get some great quality products at a great price.

DO NOT try to consume it all. You just can't.

Instead look at YOUR business and moving forward goals right now and pick a FEW products (I'd say no more than 3-5) to move your business forward. You only need ONE Product to make a big difference in your business and life and it's rare you have a chance to pick and choose the product that works for you AFTER you download it... so take that opportunity now!

GET IT HERE >>> Lifestyle Freedom Giveaway <<<

Your NAME****

Email Swipe: Reminder

Suggested Send Date: Between June 22nd - 26th

Subject Suggestions:

  • How and why to benefit from a free giveaway
  • An easy way to do market research
  • Want to get better at email marketing?

Did you have a peek at the Lifestyle Freedom Giveaway? See it here: XXXXX-Affiliate Link-XXXXX

If you did then you’ll know that there are over 50 products in there. They range from live training to ebooks to ecourses to templates and more.

And you might have gone into complete paralysis over the idea of even ATTEMPTING to download and use all those products.

Rightly so!

I would NEVER buy a bundle like this expecting to use or need everything. It's not possible to consume that much content and be productive in your business.

If there's something in it, one thing, that can move your business forward and you get it at a lower price (or no-price!) than you could get it from the vendor then you will have a great deal and potential to easily get a return in investment. And the investment your making in these products will be your time. I get it - your time is VERY valuable - it's our non-renewable resource and so you want to be SMART with this - use it and make an impact on your life and the lives of others! 

If you ever find a deal like this when everything fits your business that would be a miracle and a curse because it's not a good plan to learn, learn, learn without taking the time to take action.

Learn >>> apply >>> profit...

Here is just a sampling of some of the products included:

  • ******************Pick products from the list above to highlight

  • That is how you do it and you don't need 47 courses to do that. Just one or maybe a few.

    So that’s the how to use the Lifestyle Freedom Giveaway. But the why? Here are a few reasons I’ve bought bundles like this over the years:

    • To learn ONE THING I’m ready to apply. The last offer I joined like this had a few items I could use to learn more about Podcasting and that is one thing I’ve got high on my “next to do” list. So it was worth it to me just for that one thing. You could have maybe up to three things and not be overwhelmed at all, as long as they fit your goals.
    • To do product research. I’m also interested in creating more resources around blogging and another bundle had a bunch of blogging resources I could tap and see how they set up their learning outline, what resources they added, formats they used etc.
    • Do bundle contributor research. Do you want to participate in bundles in the future? There’s no better way to see what YOU LIKE and what would make sense for YOU to do than to buy a bundle and study the contributors, see what they offer and how they set everything up.
    • Do email marketing research. I’m a VERY curious email marketing. I love seeing what other people are emailing their lists, how they follow-up, how they do their funnels, download pages, etc. I don’t have to go to website after website to find this out! A bundle is an easy way to get on a lot of lists and see what they’re up to… take it as examples of what to do (what you like) and what NOT to do (what you don’t like).

    Those are a few of the best reasons to get registered for a giveaway like this one.

    If one fits for you then you might want to grab the Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle at the link below!

    Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle << Crazy Good Products for One Low Price

    Your NAME****

    Email Swipe: Last Call - Send June 26th

    Suggested Subjects:

    • Don't miss this giveaway of digital products. 
    • [Gone tonight] Did you see the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity products? 
    • Open so you don't miss out on a deal for your business. 

    Hi there. Over the week I've been telling you about a great giveaway from the members of the Laptop Lifestyle YOUNiversity. 

    Here's how it works:

    • You sign up totally free and you get access to 50 products worth over $3000
    • You pick and choose the BEST products for you
    • Download or access each product of your choosing (some are live workshops) and use to grow your business

    Simple! Easy! Super Duper Affordable (um... like no cost kind of affordable)!

    So don't waste any time taking a look and grabbing this offer.  It's GONE tonight, no exceptions. 

    You get $2000+ worth of products from 40 contributors for free. It's gone tonight!

    >> Grab it here  <<

    Your NAME****

    About Our Product Creators:

    Our contributors are all members of the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity - it's a prerequisite to joining each collaboration! 

    As a community of like-minded, heart-centered, value-driven business owners you can really tell we've hit our groove because each time we do an event like this it just gets better and better and better! 

    If you are an affiliate and would like to join the LL YOU please contact me at < I have a special annual offer for you! 

    Frequently Asked Questions People Might Ask

    Will I get flooded with all of these products and emails at once?

    How long do I have to claim my products ?

    This sale is AWESOME... how do I join the next one?

    Darn! I missed it - Can I get access to this giveaway after the end date?

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