Is it right for you?

I’ve been raising kids while raising businesses for over twenty years now.

Having a business to me has meant that I get to live life on my own terms.

When I got started it was all about what I wanted and needed (to be home with my son Hayden) but over time I learned that business CAN’T be about me if it is to be sustained.

I’ve always had a desire to make a difference in the world. I think most everyone does. It’s just that we don’t always see how we can.
I had a serious lack of confidence most of my adult life so when I found online marketing it seemed to be a good way to build something while building my own confidence.

Business isn’t about money to me. Yes I need to make money. Yes I need to be smart about my offers. True. But money and marketing are not my driving motivators.

As I mentioned freedom is a high value for me.

Service is another value. I want to contribute to the world. I want to leave it better than I found it. I want to be of great service to my customers and my subscribers (because you’re paying with your time, too).

I can’t just put out products and collect money. I need to know those products are helping people.

I’m of the belief that the more people I can help live lifestyle freedom the better the world becomes. This is because with this freedom you won’t depend on the economy or corporations for your livelihood. You’ll be in control. There will always be something you can do. And with that freedom comes happier people, happier families and happier communities. It matters. I see this as my vision and way to help in this world during these trying times.

So I wanted today to share these things to see if it’s a good fit, you and I.

Here’s who I love working with…

You know you have value to share.

You have a skillset you’ve developed and you want to help others benefit from that.

You’re a coach, a VA, freelancer or someone offering some type of service, usually one on one, who wants to help more people.
You want lifestyle freedom, too! You want to set your own hours and live your own life.

You want to build your business around your life. You recognize that going one-to-many offers, at least partly, is a great way to leverage your time and help more people. You’d love to do this via email marketing, affiliate offers, group coaching, courses, downloads and probably even a membership site. 

You’re probably a parent, too. You want a better future for your family and yourself. You have family based goals and your first priority is your people (aka family and friends).

Money isn’t your driver. You are driven by connection, helping others and having your time be truly yours.

You love people! You love making connections and being in community. You believe in a world where people help others because we all benefit when we all help each other. 

You’re a little woo. You believe in the power of positive thinking. Sunshine and Rainbows is your motto. That doesn’t mean you pretend it never rains, but you know the rain is temporary and flowers can’t grow without it. 😉 

You want to make the world a better place!

Maybe you can see yourself working with me to help you get really clear on your message and offers so that you can use email marketing as your means to making an impact.

If so do feel free to get in touch for an absolutely no-pressure discussion to see if what I offer is right for you.

If you’d like to coach with me you can see more details on that HERE.

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