Is Creating a Lifestyle Business Worth It?

Two different people told me yesterday in two different ways that they want the advantages of a recurring income business but the work part and the marketing or putting yourself out there part seems sooo overwhelming to them.

I must have put my subconscious mind to work on this because at 4am this morning my head was full of this message. So much so that I had to grab my phone and type it out while still in bed.

I mean this, all of this:
Creating digital products and courses to sell online is a mental and emotional roller coaster of feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Yesterday I had two separate conversations with two people interested in selling online. They BOTH told me they wished there were some magical way that their products could sell, that it would be easy and worth it, basically. 

My reply was that I do, too! 

I also wish someone would just hand me a 3-6 month plan, tell me to just do the work and it would all work out.

But the problem is NOBODY can predict to you how or if it will work out. 

No product launch is a guarantee.No offer is a sure thing. No business model is going to be the perfect choice. 
It’s not like that. 

My one friend thought she had to pick the perfect idea and that she basically had one shot to get this right. 

There IS a method of creating a business where you pick an idea and then put all your money, time and effort into going all in with that. If you can afford to gamble and are willing to pick yourself up and keep going if it doesn’t work out, then sure, do that. 

I’ve NEVER done that.

I’ve never put all my time and effort into creating a business or product that I didn’t know would sell. 

Matter of fact 99% of the time I SELL my products BEFORE I create them (hello pre-launch, time-based webinars and workshops, etc). I want to know there’s an interest and that I can get customers through the program to actually help me make it awesome before I proceed.

So if you’re into high risk and high reward I’m not your gal. 

If steady and consistent progress suits your fancy then you are in the right place. 

You see what I wish you know it’s that, yes, it’s hard. Yes, it takes work. Yes, it’s frustrating and yes it’s a ridiculous roller coaster ride. 

There is a whole industry built on trying to tell you it’s easy or give you tools and products to “make it easier ‘ for you and I think that’s a terrible problem in the online business world. 

The work is your entry fee.. 

Imagine a world where you get to do anything with your kids, family or friends anytime you want. 
Imagine a world where nobody owns your time but you. 
Imagine a world where your income potential is not limited by the hours you work. 
Imagine a world where you have total lifestyle freedom. 

It’s hard to believe it at first, I know, or believe it’s for YOU, but I can assure you such a world does exist. 

I live in this world every single day and I know dozens of others who do the same. We’re not more special than you but we have made a choice, a choice to make it happen regardless of how much work is required.

Because on the OTHER SIDE of that work is a payoff.

But what you’ve got to decide is it worth it to you?

Are you willing to do the work?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen or are you, before your even start, looking for ways to get out of it, coming up with excuses, trying to make it easier? 

Look… It’s not my place to say if creating this kind of freedom is worth it to you, that’s up to you. 

I know some people who love having clients. I know some people who are happy to be employed. I know people who enjoy being booked up with calls and appointments. 

And for them the work might not be worth the rewards. I worked so hard to get where I am today. And to be clear that is a just over six figure gross business income earner with no ongoing clients since 2012. I exclusively earn all my income from digital products, a membership, affiliate marketing and now also network marketing.

I have total lifestyle freedom now but I was so ridiculously willing to do any work I had to to make that happen. 

I made that decision AFTER I tried other business models that REALLY didn’t work for me, didn’t make me happy and ultimately didn’t let me live life the way I wanted to.

It didn’t come cheap. It didn’t come easy. It didn’t come without fears, tears, frustration and more. 


I mean I’m not sure I can be any more clear? 

What it came down to is it was worth it. 

I’d do it all again and more. 

My work is not done, either. 

I have more hard work to do as I move to a new level in business and life. 

In my self-reflection, I’ve decided that my upcoming success, my “next-level” is attached very closely to nutrition and self growth and tackling this stage could be 10x harder than any work I’ve done this far but you know what?…

Sign me up!
Sign me UP!

Give me hard. Give me challenge. Give me growth. 

Working a job you hate is hard. Being dependent on others is hard. Having a life that isn’t your own is hard. Being in a toxic (work, family, living) environment is hard. Not making enough money to live life as you want is hard. Not having freedom is hard. 

You already know how to do hard. It’s simply time to pick which hard you want and decide is it worth the work to get to the business and lifestyle you want. 

You get to choose. 

All my love ?Angela

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