I QUIT Social Media (for 60 days at least).

My daughter is homeschooling this week which means no more beach trips together first thing in the morning. I can’t remember if I sent you a pic from last week.

Here we are >>> 

I LOVE being at the water, it’s my natural anti-anxiety treatment and much needed after the year we shall no longer talk about lol!

Moving into the new year I’m sooo freaking excited.

The possibilities.
The fresh start.
The goals.

I mentioned the other day I suddenly realized that I had been a bottled up writer and that I’ve let myself out of the bottle and boy have I ever.

The writing is FLOWING. I’m writing these emails so easily, when I used to feel so forced to do them before. The courses are pulling together and I’ll have more on those soon (I just wrote 1000 words from my phone while Ella was in class on my computer!).

I was hesitant to tell you about something right away but I’m confident I can tell you now.

I didn’t really have new years resolutions because I do believe in goals all year round but the fresh start to a year is motivating and there are things on the go, of course. So I adopt new and beneficial (to me) habits for at least the first couple of months of 2021 and we’ll see how it goes from there:

1. I QUIT Social Media

Yes, I did hesitate to tell you this in case I got scared and went back but I’m on Day #4 of absolutely NO posting, reading posts or commenting on anything (other than the 30-Day Challenge and the Fast Factor Challenges hosting in FB that I told you about).

I haven’t been on Facebook or Instagram.

I estimated to my friend that these were taking up 3-4 hours of my time PER DAY. Yes – this was addiction. I’ve mentioned it before but didn’t talk about it all that much. I haven’t figured out how to monetize social media in a way I can see how useful it is and if it’s worth my time so I kept just going on there but you know what happens – rabbit holes, comments, articles, drama and so many things that had nothing at all to do with my business.

So I’m doing a Socialless for Sixty Days challenge to myself. It’s actually NOT challenging, though, which is surprising to me. I know I had the addiction, compulsion but then I was just DONE, done, done. And now I cook for my family, I’m writing more, I’m reading, I’m cleaning up way more and I might even get to organizing.

I’m on found time and so much less distraction and it feels SO GOOD.

2. I QUIT Sugar

I almost did this subconsciously. I’m almost 80lbs more now than I want to be and I have mentioned to you up above that I’ve joined the two challenges.

It just makes logical sense to me to eat really well. I want to improve my energy, productivity, good moods and ability to think and I know that sugar lowers your immunity. I’m looking at health, wealth and wellness in 2021 and I’m on a mission to make that happen. Happily I have my delicious shakes to replace the sugar cravings, and fruit of course.

My goals for the new year and how I’ll implement them:

My big goal for 2021 is to earn $500,000 this year or whatever year it happens in. As you know I had hit my goal of six figures in 2018 and it’s time to experience new growth so I can do bigger things in my business. Money does allow for greater impact and I crave affecting more change in the world.

I truly believe that my goal to say off social media is my message to the universe that I’m ready, I’m serious about this.

Here are the actions I will be taking to move myself forward on my goals

  • Writing a minimum of 1,000 words per day and a target of 3,000 words per day (I just wrote 1,000 words for a course on my phone while my daughter was doing class).
  • Writing daily to YOU, my community of subscribers, members and customers.
  • Strengthening relationships with my affiliates as it’s my intention to put my attention on those partnerships to help reach my $500k goal.
  • Creating processes and systems and hiring people to help me implement those.
  • Spend 30 minutes per day on my side hustle, Juice Plus
  • Increase my affiliate income by finding 5-10 awesome affiliate programs to work with, and increasing my work with the awesome ones I already promote like Cindy Bidar 😉

What I Need Right Now:

I’m highly focused. I have wellness goals, fitness goals, financial goals and money goals and I feel like they are ALL being pushed ahead at once because of the one “push” decision I made to get distraction OUT of my life.

I want to address the social media thing, though, to make sure you don’t get me wrong here.

I know social media works.
I know people who make a LOT of money and help a LOT of people ON social media.

It’s so tempting to stay on there with that knowledge and that’s why it took me so long to get off.

Am I gone forever? I don’t know that I’ve made that decision but I do believe that when I come back, if I come back, it will be in a much more controlled way than ever before. I want to NEVER again feel as thought I’m compulsively being affected by a device the way I have with social media ever again.

Here’s something you don’t know about me personally: I believe I might have adult ADD (and I believe I’ve had it all my life so really just ADD). I believe this after watching THIS VIDEO (it’s on Facebook because that’s what I could find just now in search) from Mel Robbins and then seeing many posts from Chalene Johnston.

After I watched Mel’s video I watched a bunch of other things from Chalene and I took a bunch of tests online and everything I read, watched or saw indicated to me that I’m highly likely to have ADD. This explains a lot of things for me, in my life, long term. I’m not diagnosed so I don’t know for sure but I do know that I’ve struggled with many things someone with adult female ADD does and that I need to manage those things FIRST before I add all the noise and overwhelm of social media BACK into my life.

Why do I write emails like this? Are you wondering?

This is me. This is how I share. This is what you’d get from me if we were having coffee chilling on the couch and chatting and I finally decided it’s time for me to do what I’ll do WELL and stop trying to do what I think I SHOULD be doing.

I hope this connects with you. I hope it helps.
I hope it gives you actions to take and inspiration to move forward.

This is what you can expect moving forward…. real, raw, unfiltered stories and tips and advice on a pretty-much daily basis.

I hope that works for you and I look forward to connecting with you.

I’d love to hear about YOUR goals for 2021. Shoot me back an email and let me know.

Angela Wills
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  1. Hi, I wondered where you disappeared to. I was thinking that maybe social media and emails just weren’t getting through to me. How are you supporting clients now with these changes?

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