How to Sell Anything

People think running a business, especially online, is complicated.

It’s not.

We’re seeing so many local businesses close their doors and it’s so tragic and heartbreaking that it’s happening on a large scale.

Changes over time often result in business owners having to change and shift. That part is not new.

Entrepreneurs know that people ALWAYS need and and want things and they are willing to exchange money for that, even in times like these.

The only option anyone is to continue to look for those needs, continue to listen, continue to be creative and a leader who sees to the needs and wants and provides a solution.

And, of course, the lower the cost for you to fill that need the lower the risk to you as a business owner.

That’s why I choose an online business after exploring all kinds of options… manufacturing, wholesale and retail of physical products, services, agency and more.

I landed on selling information and coaching because the actual costs of running the business are so low. The margins can be about 90% or more profit if you build organically and use just the basics or they can go up to 50% or not if you run a team and ads and use higher end tools but it’s all my choice.

I also earlier this year got back into physical products through a Network Marketing business. This kind of business allows me to serve a need without having to manufacture, wholesale, create packaging, create marketing materials, manage sourcing ingredients or hiring and managing employees. The company does all that and I share a product that has been impacting my life and my business. It’s a win for sure.

The theme here is that I’m not attached to running any particular “brand” or “store” or “product” particularly (though I am quite in love with Juice Plus at the moment).

What I am attached to now and always is SERVING MY PEOPLE.

I am fiercely determined to help you live an amazing life.
I am fiercely of the belief I can help and you can have transformation.

And HOW we figure that out isn’t nearly as important to me and making sure it happens.

So when I need to change things or sell something different of flip my business on it’s head to make this happen for you I’ll do it.

THAT is how you sell anything.

People ALWAYS want and need things. If I’m willing to do the legwork to make it easier for them to get what they want then I know I can ALWAYS be of service.

And this is where I get my calm, patience and clear demeanor even during a pandemic.

There was certainly no panic for me when hubby started saying “but people won’t have any money!”… Yes, he was in a bit of a panic at the start and I think he feared my income wouldn’t continue as it was. I knew it would and I knew it could and so I had no fear.

The old way of convincing people to buy what you’ve got CAN be done but it never feels good when you’re a person who’s in touch with integrity, honesty and being as ethical as you can.

The way of being of service ALWAYS feels good because you’re in it to actually HELP people, not convince them to part with their money.

Today I found out the Juice Plus website has been updated and I’m so excited how many MORE people I’ll be able to help get essential nutrition during this time where it’s more important than ever to have a strong immune system. Take a look here! EeekS!

Yesterday I announced to you a new product called “How to Create Pretty eBooks in Canva“. Price goes up on Thursday. Check that out if you’re looking for a way to jump into the world of serving people through products.

My very first digital product was an ebook. I had about 10 people give me feedback and then I went on to sell about $300 worth of that product. Not much but to me it meant SO MUCH because it showed me what was possible with an online business. That little ebook turned into the business I have today. Don’t underestimate the power of your ability to help people with your words!

Let’s talk again soon and please do hit reply and say hi or tell me what you think anytime, to any email.

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