How to NOT Become an Influencer ;)

I don’t want to be “influenced”.

I’ve subscribed to quite a few email marketers talking about how to make sales via email.

Often it’s about how to INFLUENCE people.

Do you want to be influenced?
I don’t.

I have huge HUGE resistance to being told what to do.

I get it, the word “influence” as in get people to do what they WANT to do by convincing them they want to do it… influencing them to believing it’s their choice.

Influence, Dictionary version:
“the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.”

I’m interested in positioning myself in front of people who KNOW what they want.

I’m not here to tell them what they want.

How about we just let them MAKE THEIR OWN CHOICES.
How about we just EMPOWER people to really know what they want.
How about we just educate people on the OPTIONS and let them make their own choices.

That’s how I do business.
Seems simple enough.

Angela Wills
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