How to Live the Laptop Lifestyle (Checklist)

We’re on Christmas school break over here but I’m trying to get some emails out and written in the mornings. I love having my girly and my almost adult-son home but I am also missing my routine time!

Below is a photo of my daughter Ella and I testing out my new green screen and lighting LOL. She is determined to be a YouTube star and was trying to get me to film her an upload right away. 

I hope you’re enjoying your holiday time if you have it right now. 

Do you REALLY want a laptop lifestyle?
Do you want to do whatever the F you want, whenever you want, with whoever you want, working on whatever you want, working from where ever you want? 
I mean do you want it so much you won’t let ANYTHING stop you from getting it. 
I mean do you want it so much that you’re willing invest SMART to learn how.
I mean do you want it so much that you’re OK with failing over and over again.
I mean do you want it so much you’re going to be PATIENT while it is generated.

Nobody can hand you freedom of lifestyle, it gets earned. 

You will probably have to have some screw ups and major fails before you get the resolve to stop screwing around with stuff that doesn’t make you money because you “don’t like to sell” and start doing the things that actually create profits! 

When you’re ready and you really want a laptop lifestyle, here’s a checklist I created based on my experience:

Here’s your Laptop Lifestyle Checklist:

  • In VIVID detail, decide what your laptop lifestyle looks like
  • Always Remember Priorities (ie. Family, Freedom, Income). 
  • Establish an income plan that supports the lifestyle you WANT. 
  • Create a community who loves you & listens to you. 
  • Generate an income that provides you with financial freedom.
  • Take as many daily actions as possible to create profit. 
  • Remove anything that doesn’t give you lifestyle freedom. 
  • Become a money master. Don’t ignore your money.
  • Create & maximize recurring & passive income.
  • Automate & Outsource to create all the leverage possible.

Let’s talk about this list.
For one, never take anything I give you (or anyone else gives you) and work on it blindly. Look at this list and really customize it for you, always. 

Nobody knows you, your business, your vision, your skills and your market like YOU. 

Too many people hand over the responsibilities of their success over to others, and then cry when it doesn’t work. Don’t do that! Take FULL responsibility (and credit) for you own successes! Others can absolutely influence you, offer advice, guide you and more but you have to steer this ship of yours, only you can do that. 
Once you’re claimed that leadership role in your own business then you’re going to need to really keep focus on what you want your LIFE to look like. 
That’s the “lifestyle” part and it’s really important. Business can overrun your life if you’re not careful so you have to design what you want your life to look like.

Then you need to establish an income plan that supports your laptop lifestyle.

For example – when I quit my job in 2007 to become a Virtual Assistant I did this WRONG. I picked an income plan and a business model that did NOT allow me the lifestyle I wanted.

I was so focused on gaining so many clients that I didn’t realize how much time they would suck from my life and how LITTLE I would make because of the rate I was charging. It was soooo demotivating and NOT what I had wanted to create. At the time I didn’t even realize how much power I had over my own life, I just knew I had created something I really didn’t want. 

So I made a NEW plan. At the time I saw a lot of my clients and potential clients struggling with WordPress. So I created a WordPress group coaching program. I helped people get their websites created and started earning so much more per hour than I was as a VA and eventually transitioned right out of services!

You’ll notice on the checklist is daily actions to create profit. I call these daily money tasks.

You HAVE TO do your money tasks.
You can’t just hope money falls into your lap. 

Ask for the sale. Put out the offers. Be proud of how you serve.

And do that EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. As many times per day as you can possibly do. That is your priority! 

You’ll also see that you need to build your community. You won’t have anyone to make those offers to if you don’t have people willing to listen to your message. My favorite way to get my message heard is through email marketing. 

Social media is not a business asset. An email list is an asset. 

That means your social can be taken from you at any time, it’s not yours.
Your email list can not be taken from you.

I do both email and social, yes, but I focus mainly on the emails because I like the security in knowing I can’t lose what I’ve built. 

Also on the list: Becoming a Money Master
I haven’t mentioned lately that I’ve been in debt to the tune of over $30k more times than I can count. Seriously. I lost count. I think it’s five times but it could have been four times. 
Most of that time I’ve actually been making enough money and overspending it. It’s because I wasn’t mastering or respecting my money. 
So I created the Money Master Challenge once I decided to be DONE with the stress of never having enough money. This challenge is free for members of the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity. 

Don’t ignore your money. It’s an important step for emotional freedom and healthy mental health.

Maximizing Your Business with Passive and Recurring Income and Automation

It wasn’t long into launching my WordPress course that I created in 2010 that I realized that I didn’t like the up and down roller coaster of launching products. 

I decided to start a membership site. I believe I started my first one in 2011. 

I was also getting heavily into affiliate marketing and I’d recommend hosting, themes and plugins as part of my course, which was a success method of getting immediate AND passive income. 

This checklist I’ve given you is a pretty accurate description of how I have been living the Laptop Lifestyle since 2007 and how I’ve refined it to look exactly how I want it to be since then!

I didn’t start out with all this freedom… it was definitely a process and it took TIME. 

That’s why I’m not a fan of sharing anything with you that promises fast riches. I want you to have a really real view of how much patience, grit and determination you need to make it happen for YOU. 

The Laptop Lifestyle YOU was created for just that reason. 

When you are feeling like it’s taking too long and you need to dig deep to keep the ideas and inspiration rolling, the YOU is there for YOU. 

When you’re ready for the next step but aren’t QUITE sure what it is, the YOU is ther for YOU. 

When you want to talk with others who get it, either on a regular meeting or in our forums, the YOU is here for YOU. 

When you’re building your community and would love to partner with someone to do that with, the YOU is here for YOU. 

At $297 for an entire YEAR you won’t find many things out there that top the kind of support, help, advice and actual helping you do it out there. Not to mention you won’t find many people charging what I charge with the experience I have in this business that dates back to 2002.

I KNOW how to make money online, I’ve been doing it for over 17 YEARS now, since long before people even believed it was possible. I love to share in what I know! 

You have until Dec. 31st and then I’m pulling the annual option right off the salespage for a while, maybe forever. 

I would absolutely LOVE to welcome you to the Laptop Lifestyle YOU! 

Angela Wills
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