How to Help Your Customers Buy From YOU!

Have you heard of these two things?

1. The customer path
2. The tech stack

The Customer Path:

The customer path is like a funnel but I guess less more flexible and fluid. 
I have NO funnels, I don’t like the term and I lack the straight line thinking to create them no matter how much I’d LOVE to. 
But what I do have, 100%, is a path for my peeps. 
I know where I want them to go. 
I know what I want them to do. 
Of course it’s up to them to PICK that path or pick another but for me the customer path is knowing:

  • How visitors to my website will become subscribers to my email list.
  • How email subscribers will become customers. 
  • How my customers will be lead to more offers and served to the best of my abilities. 

That is my customer path. They come in not knowing me and they eventually and hopefully get to the point down the path where they are customers, loyal customers and potential even super fans. 

The Tech Stack:

The tech stack is the technology you use to run your business. I’ll give it to you straight – this can get complicated and messy. It can feel overwhelming and it can just place SUCK and/or SUCK YOUR TIME. I consider the setup of the stack the price you pay for having the amazingly incredible privaledge to live a laptop lifestyle! Here’s my stack currently:

  • MomWebs Hosting – Starts at $15/quarter
  • WordPress – Free, Open Source – Install from Hosting
  • Thrive Membership – Thrive Architect Theme, Thrive Optimize for split testing & Thrive Leads for forms – $233/year
  • Memberoni Theme from Member Site Academy – For courses, membership & download pages – $67/month for membership. Must join to get theme and have updates. Can cancel and theme will still work you just won’t get the updates.
  • Amember – For my Shopping Cart, Membership Site, Affiliate Program and some customer and affiliate emails. I use SendGrid connected to Amember to make sure the emails get through safely. Highly, highly recommend THIS COURSE if you want to use Amember because it’s not user-friendly to just pickup and use but the course walks you through it perfectly. 
  • Aweber – Using for my subscriber emails but I will be shortly moving to Active Campaign to manage ALL emails (customer, subscriber and affiliate). 
  • Akismet Plugin – $7/month. Comes installed with WordPress.
  • Folders Plugin – $19/year. Organizes pages, posts and media.
  • Vimeo – $108/yr or $13/month. Hosts my videos and plays them for easy links. Really easy way to get them onto my website for courses while keeping them protected. More professional than YouTube and easier than Amazon s3.

Yes this looks complicated and possibly overwhelming but remember I did NOT get here overnight! 

I LOVE to teach people how to start simply and build from there. 

Today at 1pm ET I will be hosting a bonus discussion meeting for my signature MEconomy course. I wasn’t going to do a meeting this week because it was March break (I guess it still is) but with all going on right now in the world I did not want to break from providing the support I know people NEED right now! 

You could have a spouse who’s job is really teetering or cut off for the moment.
You could have been working a job with a gig on the side but now you’re thinking it’s time to up the intensity and turn that side hustle into your main gig. 
You could be in business right now, doing good, but want to convert the skills you have into more leverage through group coaching offers or ebooks or courses. 

THAT is what MEconomy is for! 
I’d love to help you! 

Sign up here

If you can’t make the live you’ll get the recordings ASAP! We have more live sessions to come over the next couple of months, too! 

Angela Wills
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