How to Build Your Email List without Website Traffic

The biggest question I get from people is HOW to build an email list. It’s like this big mystery.

This hard thing to do. This complicated question. It can be.

Or it can be simple. 

Before you ask “how do I build my list” you should probably ask yourself what list building really MEANS to you. In visual form… this is what building my email list currently means to me:

Tomorrow I’m hosting a training called “List Building for Everyone” and I’m going to tell you some tried and true methods for list-building. 

You know what will happen if you don’t have a good motivator?

You won’t do them. 

I’ve told so many people REAL ways to build their list… real starting points that they can run with… but many never take action. 


Because list-building is NOT easy. Simple, maybe, but often it’s just not easy (or everyone would be doing it). 

It requires you to be:

Determined – Did that one thing you tried not work? Ok. Did ten things not work? Ok. Did you try for 12 months and it didn’t work? Ok. What WILL work? Keep trying until it does. 

Detective-ish – I don’t have magic solutions for you. No one does. There’s no plug you can go to with the source of new subscribers. you have to dig around, find the right spaces and places. 

Confident – You’re inviting people to join your list. It’s like inviting people into your home. You need to find the confidence to allow them to see you, know you and invest in their business or life with YOU. That takes confidence. 

Where do you get that from? 

Your reason why. 

My family is my everything. 

My daughter has needed much of my attention as she becomes an awesome contributor to society. 

THAT is why I have the motivation to build the email list that runs my business. 
THAT is why you’re here right now reading the words that came right from my own brain. 

You can do this, too. 
You can absolutely build your email list and connect in a meaningful, powerful way with other people.

They’ll be willing to pay you for your services, products and help, too… if you present that value in emails to them. 

So here are five ways to build an email list I actually have and do use and that I’ll be talking about more in-depth on the paid training ($20) tomorrow:

Bundle Events & Giveaways – I find events that allow me to collaborate with a big group (usually 20-50+ people) and I offer a product in exchange for new subscribers.  

Affiliates – I run an affiliate program and invite affiliates to send people to free offers like webinars, free downloads and free products sometimes, too. 

Giveaway a Product – I could give one away on my own site or someone else’s or ask someone to give away the product to their email list. 

Buy a Website with Emails – This is a new favorite of mine. I added over 10,000 people to an email list last year by buying websites. 🙂 

Those are all my favorite methods to use right now for list building. That’s money in the bank if you take any one of those and follow it through from building to selling on an email list. 

So I’ll bring the ideas on Thursday, August 11th at 1pm ET and you’ll need to bring your why… the reason you’re going to actually show up and THEN take action on the ideas I share with you. 


This class is for members of Email Practice Club. 
It’s only $20/month as a founding member and that price will never go up for you. 
You can cancel at any time (yourself, in the customer area). 

If you’d like to attend and get all the other perks of membership you can join using the link below:
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