How to Always Know What to Sell

How do you decide what to sell in business?

I get this question often.

The answer to how I decide what to sell is simple.

I sell what I’m excited to sell and what I think will help someone.

Example 1. Memberships

I’ve been running membership sites since 2010. It stabilizes my income. It allows me to know I’ll have constant recurring income. I know I can teach this to others. I know it can be useful and powerful. I also have asked members of my own membership if they’d like to learn how to create their own. They said an enthusiastic YES. So I’m excited to teach this and I will. I’m starting with a low cost ebook to test the response and I’ll likely do a masterclass or a full course or both.

Example 2. Juice Plus & Tower Garden

It’s important to me now more than ever to get healthy. I’m in a position right now where I eat better and have better nutrition than I ever have in my life. This change of lifestyle has created physical improvements in areas like skin, veins and mobility. I’ve seen the effect on my life and I’m very very excited to share these changes. It’s an easy decision to sell the products that were a part of creating these results for me.

So often people are looking for “the best product” or “the best service” to create or sell and they think the answer to that is outside themselves.

The answer is WITHIN.

The energy with which you approach each new project is transferred TO that project and if you come at it with a low energy because you have no attachment to it then it’s not likely to work, or if won’t feel fulfilling if it does.

What do YOU want to do?
What will make you feel excited to share?
What value can you offer?

If you’re coming up blank then just get out some paper and write out EVERYTHING you can think of that you like, that you’re good at, that is fun, that got you results, that improved your life etc… You’re almost guaranteed to find a few things to sell just from that exercise! 

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