How Do You Earn a Living Online?

I asked my business friends on Facebook how they make money on the internet. The answers were so varied and awesome.Check them out or add your own here. So many things from affiliate marketing, product sales, direct sales, network marketing, coaching, services and more!

There are SO MANY ways to build an income. 
There are SO MANY businesses that work. 

In today’s email I wanted to share with you a bunch of things I KNOW work, I’m earning money from them personally myself! A close family member has been asking me about online business and how to earn online. While there are so many options I wanted to give him the one I think he could hit the ground running with quickly. So I’ve copied what I wrote to him below.

Direct Sales & Network Marketing:

Here’s what I told him:

If you want an awesome product to sell with the best company I’ve been in you should join my team lol. If you like sales it’s only $52 to try. The tower garden is amazing and yes it’s expensive but I think really worth it (you’d have to believe that, too). The capsules are where you really get long time recurring income because people and their kids get them. The capsules are whole food. They are fruits and veggies that are juiced and dehydrated. 30 different ones giving lots of whole food nutrition.

Then they have shakes, too, which I’m sure you could promote. But look in not trying to convince you for my sake.. Just a thought for you. I’ve been in ten companies and this is the best I’ve seen for product, company ethics and mission, training and teams. Also I really believe in the products.. The capsules took away my varicose veins, eczema and sugar cravings and I realize how crazy that sounds but it’s because of all the extra nutrition. 

My plan is 3-5 years and I’ll have a significant recurring income here. And I do believe that’s doable with this one. I moved up fast with it but I do have a community it fit with. Lots of people do it online but I could see you doing it person to person.

Anyway like I said this isn’t about me! I’m not trying to convince you. I wish I had a magic answer for you. 

I said it’s only $52 but also you should buy something, too. So shakes and capsules probably on a four month plan so you can speak to the product. So then that’s $52 + $180ish/month (for four months or pay all at once if you want). You earn 10% commission on your initial orders and then more when you move up. Only telling you all that so you know the real cost. 

I have 10 people on my team right now. I’m growing my business quickly because my belief in these products and the business is so strong. The long-term potential is solid because when people try the capsules and see for themselves how good they are they stay on them. If you’re interested in joining my team just hit reply to this email or friend me here and message me  – I’d love to talk to you! 

Another Way to Make Money: Your Own Products

Since 2006 I have taken what I know how to do and turned it into digital training to help more people. 

For example I wrote my first training, Overnight VA Success Story, after gaining a lot of clients in one day, eleven clients. I knew how much other people struggle to get a client or two so I thought it would be a VERY useful training. It’s been so useful that I revived it last year, updated it and still sell it from time to time (right now you can only get it as a member of Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity). 

I have also taught people how to make their own graphics, back in 2008 when it was harder to get software with amazing templates and easy to use tools. I’ve taught people how to build their own websites with WordPress, which was not that easy, either, back in 2010 when I started teaching that. 

Now I run a membership site, I have since 2014, so that I can earn ongoing, recurring, monthly income. 

Another Way to Make Money: Affiliate Marketing 

Yesterday I email you about the CARD DECK I made after taking Rosie Batista’s course and how excited I am about that. Rosie and I planned to do a webinar together months ago and I decided I wanted to do a card deck for my business. I bought her course and signed up for her affiliate program. 

Whenever there is a product I’m excited about and know I will use and love I look to see if there’s an affiliate program. I see people going about this backwards and looking for affiliate programs FIRST. 

Fall in love with a PRODUCT… then tell people about it. Make sure you’ve got an affiliate link and that’s affiliate marketing.

It’s telling people about something of value that you ideally have personally experience with. I think it’s a MUST because you can’t sell something effectively if you don’t know it and affiliate marketing is simply sharing what you love to earn a commission (that’s selling) 😉 

Another Way to Make Money: Services

I got myself OUT of services because I wanted total lifestyle freedom but there is certainly a time in many people’s lives when you CAN leverage what you know for an hourly rate for quick cash. 

Services are wonderful for transitioning from a job or another business into the life you want to live because they give you that immediate money. 

There are more but let’s put a pin in that and think about this:

Look I could go on and on here but you get the idea…

So if it’s not for lack of ideas what is holding you back? 

Fear is the biggest thing that stops people. 

But what if I fail? 

What is failure to you? Never making money? Not making enough? Are you doing that RIGHT NOW? If so then the only thing that causes you to “fail” is an inability to take action. 

I LOVE to learn and earn. If I make a bit of money and learn something at the same time, great! Some lessons I won’t make money from and some cost me money. No matter what I keep going and growing and learning. 

How about you? 

Will you take action on something today?

Will you join me at Juice PLUS+ >>> Message me on Facebook & let’s dive in together!
Will you join me and make a Card Deck with Rosie >> Sign up here for the free webinar! 
Will you join me at MEconomy and get one on one coaching to build this lifestyle >> Join Here! 
Will you join me by grabbing my retiring training on building your list >> Get it here! 

Choices make the world go round. I’m glad to have so many! I hope you have an amazing day 🙂 

Angela Wills
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