Holistic Lifestyle Business Coaching

I’m the coach for you if:

  • It’s equally important or more that you put life as a priority.
  • You know you have something to offer and you’re ready to offer it.
  • You want to work smart and less and still make more. 
  • You’re interesting in more compounding and passive income. 
  • You want to increase your income.
  • You want to have the comfort of knowing you can always be profitable. 

What you need to about The Protege Program, my coaching program that I haven’t opened since 2015 (five years ago) is that in 2021, instead of having NO COMMITMENTS on my calendar, I’ve decided to open dedicated one-on-one coaching again. Recent changes to my business allow me to do this and I’m looking for just FIVE people (four spots left) to work with on a close capacity to increase their business and free up their lifestyle. 

You will START NOW if you sign up now. Meaning you get one month of coaching for free. AND, I’ve decided that if you pick the annual option you’ll actually go all the way to January 31st. 2022, getting two months free πŸ˜‰

What you get with coaching:

  • Daily Mon-Fri email coaching.
  • 20 min focus coaching sessions, unlimited.​​​​​​​

I was asked if the coaching calls are really unlimited. Yes, they are. You’ll book one call at a time and you’ll be asked to complete whatever tasks we agreed to on your call but you are free to book as many focus coaching calls as you like. 

You’ll start your coaching with a detailed questionnaire which will help me understand where you are in business right now. 

This coaching offer is gone Dec. 31st or when five spots are taken. 

The price options are:

  • $3600 for unlimited coaching from now (Dec. 2nd or whatever day you sign up) to Jan. 31st, 2022. (this option saves you $1200)
  • $1000 for now to March 31st, 2021. (this option saves you $200)
  • $400/month for a minimum of three months. 

I have been saying for YEARS that I don’t work one on one with clients. That changes now and maybe for a year, maybe more. I’m SO CALLED right now to just serve at this deeper level and I am holding space for the most amazing clients to show up for this opportunity. 

If you are not familiar with my experience here’s a summary:

  • Created my first website in HTML in 1999.
  • Created​​​​​ my first business in 2002 to stay home with my son.
  • Have run physical product businesses, digital product business, writing agency, Virtual Assistant services, Affiliate Management services and Network Marketing business. 
  • I am EXCEPTIONAL at making things EASY to understand. 
  • I am AWESOME at earning money FAST. 
  • I am a gentle coach. I won’t belittle you, motivate with guilt or intentional put you in any low vibration frequency. I AM human, of course, I make mistakes but I don’t believe in kicking your butt so if you’re looking for a butt-kicker that’s not me. 
  • I am a GREAT listener. I’m a Holistic Lifestyle Business Coach and that means that I understand very keenly that life and business are one. You can talk to me about anything. My own coach helped me with my skin issues which blasted my life and business to a whole new level.

That brings me to another point. 

I don’t sell, teach or coach on anything I don’t know or understand. I know the POWER of hiring a coach and that’s why I always hire one at least every two years. I have had life-changing effects from coaching and I’ve been fortunate enough to have clients who’ve told me how working with me has changed their life. That’s such an amazing exchange of energy and I know I’ll ALWAYS hire coaches! It just makes sense.

I am looking forward to working with the five people who step up for this offer over the next month, maybe one is you %FIRSTNAME%. 

Sign up here when you are ready: https://angelawills.com/amember/signup/PersonalCoaching

Let me know if you have any questions at all.

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