Harder Hustle is Not Necessary and Often Damaging

Times are really hectic right now. The world is weird. But really it’s just life adapting and growing. 

We are pretty much done with “homeschooling”. My daughter is a very stong-willed girl and she just doesn’t get the idea of Mommy being her teacher so

I’m not pushing it. But you know what’s amazing? She’s teaching herself!

She found an app on my tablet that teaches you how to play piano and it’s AWESOME. It’s called Simply Piano and if you want to learn to play piano I highly recommend it!

The piano (keyboard) my daughter is playing below is actually mine, that my son claimed, and I never learned to play it. Yesterday, in 30 minutes, I learned to play C,D,E,F and G and used them in two songs. Blown away! 

For seven years that piano hasn’t been played by me, because I thought it would take too long to learn or it was too hard.

We do that, don’t we? We make things harder and more time-consuming than necessary. We either don’t do things because we think it will take too long or we just make them take so much damn time that we suck all the fun out of it! 

Well… this is something I was talking with one of my coaching clients with over the last couple of days. 

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? Or Pareto’s Principal? It’s this:

The Pareto principle (also known as the 80/20 rule, the law of the vital few, or the principle of factor sparsity) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. (Source: Wikipedia)

I have LIVED this rule. You’ve heard me say more than once that I was able to run my business while raising a baby who demanded a ton of my time. In the time I had left to work on business I ONLY did the most essential of things that I needed to do to grow my business – and grow it did! 
That’s why I highly encourage EVERYONE to do a simple exercise:

Take the time you are working on your business right now and divide it by FIVE – Then see what you can get done if you ONLY had that time to work on your business.


If you currently work 40 hours in your business a week, divide 40 by 5. You get 8 hours to work. What would you do if you ONLY had 8 hours to work? 

This is a smart method for you to use OFTEN. Because what happens is we fill all the time we have and we don’t force ourselves to really think about time-leverage, automation and outsourcing until we HAVE TO. 

So if your first response is that there is no physical way you could get all the work you have to do in 8 hours then the next thing you’ll ask yourself is how do you cut out some work or automate it or hire someone to do it or just do it faster yourself? 

These are all questions I was FORCED to ask myself. 

I recommend you force yourself to find the answers NOW – so you can create more lifestyle freedom AND so that you have the answers for yourself when life kicks you in the ass (and life always kicks you in the ass from time to time). 

In 2008 I worked about 60 hours per week and made about $38,000.In 2018 I worked about 25 hours per week and made $125,000. 
Earnings are definitely NOT tied to time worked. It’s about the how smart we work. 

I really encourage you to think about how much LESS you can work. Otherwise we fill the time with work. And I want you to make MORE money in less time, not less money in less time as that would defeat the purpose. Once you challenge yourself to that you’ll be amazed at how many shortcuts, automations, outsourcing and more tricks you pull out of your hat you never even knew you had. 

I can also almost guarantee you’d find things to do with your time that would make you feel refreshed, valued, taken care of – cooking great foods, reading, discovering new music or new hobbies, doing more golf or exploring another activity you haven’t had time to. All those things add MORE to your business, they don’t take away from it. Life is for living and when we bring those experiences back to our business it makes it more rich.

Anyway! … just things to think about. I hope you have a wonderful day today! 

Angela Wills
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