List-Building With Giveaways is Quick, Easy & VERY Effective.

If you have something to offer people and you want to get it in front of more than your mom and your cat, this is a method you're going to LOVE!

Ok, ok, I already KNOW you want to share your stuff with more than your mom and your cat even though they may be very proud of you! You probably are ARE getting in front of some people but isn't it time to share your offers with a bigger group?

Why build your list?

  • According to Opt-In Monster email marketing gets a 4400% Return on investment. That means for every $1 you spend you make $44 back. That's just smart and effective business.

  • Social media is great but it's RENTED space. You can't own the contacts you make with your followers. When you build a following via email you CAN take it with you and that means it becomes a business ASSET that grows in value. 

  • Regardless of what you might have heard email marketing STILL WORKS and it works very well. Even if you're a social media guru it's smart to diversify and have multiple sources of income generation. 

The time to start building your email list was as soon as you got into business but if you haven't started yet then NOW is the best time! Luckily for you that you've stumbled upon on of the easiest and fastest ways to build your email list with qualified people who are interested in what you have to sell. Doesn't get much better than that! 

If you don't know how to get started or start growing your list with giveaway events then you are in the right place. I've been doing this for over 10 years and I've added thousands and thousands of people to my community with list-building events. I'm going to teach you how in my new program. Introducing... 

List-Building With Giveaway Events!

List-Building With Giveaway Events gives you the steps to take to participate in an event. 

Your next questions is likely where do I find these kinds of events? I'll give you a list of these types of events, too, that I am constantly adding to and updating of great events from professional business owners. 

You'll also get a giveaway event participation checklist and a list of ideas on how to find events on your own. 

Here's a peek at the product training area:

Here's a challenge for you:
Buy this training for just $20 now and see how quickly you can grow your list and earn back your investment. 


Who Am I to Teach You List-Building With Giveaway Events? What Results Have I Gotten?

I've been participating in giveaway events for over ten years. I've added hundreds of people at a time to my own email list. One week between a giveaway and a webinar I added 800 new people to my list and I created a case study on that for the training. 

Order List-Building with Giveaway Events

  • List-Building with Giveaways Training
  • Checklist to Participate in Giveaway Events
  • 7 Places to Find Giveaway Events Sheet
  • Current & Consistently Updated List of Giveaway Events You Can Join.

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About the Author, Angela Wills

Hello there! I'm Angela Wills, owner and founder of the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity. Since 2007 I have been happily self-employed! 

I love to teach women how to use the skills and abilities they have to create profitable online businesses. 

I've helped thousands of people through my services, coaching, courses and products. I'd love to help you, too!