Free Webinar: List-Building with Giveaway Events

Friday, May 29th at 3pm ET - Join Us!


Giveaway Events: A giveaway event is a time-limited, hosted event where multiple business combine forces and offer free training, products, software or other offerings to a community. The combined effort of many people promoting one offer creates a lot of traffic and interest and gives you great potential for fast business growth!

Welcome! I'm so glad you've made it here and have an interest in growing your list with giveaway events. If you're unsure what an event is check out my definition above OR just click either button and sign up, show up and I'll tell you all about it! 



Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity

What You'll Learn:

  • 1
    Why ANY type of business can benefit from participating in a giveaway event to build your list and how to turn what you know into more prospective customers, quickly.   
  • 2
    The steps to take to successfully participate in an event like this and where to find HIGH-QUALITY events that attract people who WILL BUY your offers (not just freebie seekers). 
  • 3
    The one thing you MUST get right when doing this kind of list-building or you'll be totally wasting your time and may as well not even bother at all. I know, so dramatic (!), but you really need to get this so you create logical paths to profit. 

Many years ago I asked a group of very successful women what they would do sooner if they could go back in time and do anything differently. 9 out of 10 people said they would go back and start building their email list SOONER than they had - me too! There's not time like now to start building AND emailing your list - this webinar is going to help you get a jump-start on both!

Please join us on Friday, May 29th at 3pm ET OR grab the recording if you can't make it live. 

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