Free Training & Wellness Business Opportunity

Hey the deadline to join my team with Juice Plus is August 31st. 

This company has been in business for 50 years and this is the FIRST time they’ve offered free membership. 

Over the years I’ve been working from home it has become harder and harder to focus on me. Little did I know when I joined Juice Plus at the onset of the pandemic how much MORE I’d want to lean into nutrition, self-care and learning about how my body functions.

It seemed pretty reasonable to me that the more I feed my body high quality nutrition and care the more effective I could be in my business. 

And so this happened:

One by one I fell in love with the products:

1. The Tower Garden – I thought growing the food in my home would force me to eat it as I see it popping up. It did! I’ve had more kale smoothies (which I love by the way), more buddha bowls and more greens in my meals in the past year than I’ve had in all my life. REAL FOOD nutrition available IN MY HOME all year round! How freaking cool is that! 

2. The Whole Food Supplement Capsules – These are a category all their own. The capsules are from real fruits and vegetables – lots of them. Over 30 when you buy the three-blend you see in the pic (red, green and purple). 

3. The FREE Chewables for my Kids – It’s pretty incredible that my kids, even my son in college, get free nutrition from the chewable supplements. Same fruits and veggies as the capsules but in a form kids love. 

4. The Plant-Based Omegas – Truth be told I forget to take these more often then not but I KNOW how important it is to get Omegas into our body for our brain health and more so I intend to smarten up here! No rancid oils, no worry about mercury from fish. Omegas from where the first get it 😉 

5. The Most Delicious Vegan Shakes – Again, was NOT interested in powders. Didn’t want bags of it. Then I decided to give them a try. OMG sooo delicious! Seriously. BEST VEGAN SHAKE EVER.  More veggies in these. too! I make a morning shake with chocolate complete, a banana, oat milk, peanut butter, a kale from my tower and all six of my capsules for the day. It packs a powerful nutritional pounch first thing in the morning! 

These are the products YOU can sell when you sign up for free to Juice Plus by or before Tuesday. 

Now let’s talk training. 

There’s so much amazing training available with this company:

  • Weekly nutritional training for our potential customers, customers and ourselves by a top nutritionist who is also our team leader (when you join with me). 
  • Regular live team training to help you build your business.
  • Company website with training, resources, materials for promotion. 
  • A Shred10 program to help people live healthy lives. 
  • A monthly meal plan from an accredited nutritionist. 
  • FREE 6-week Gut Fix Health Course with Meal Plan as well

I will also be personally providing training on:

  • How to build a direct sales business through email marketing and online marketing – NO bugging friends and family

What you won’t get with Juice Plus:

  • No autoship requirements
  • No minimum purchases 
  • No minimum sales required 
  • No pressure to do anything you don’t want – you choose how to sell and plugin to  any system that suits you! 

I have a Facebook group I just started for my team. We have 40 members on Team Laptop Lifestyle – I’d love to welcome 10 more people before Tuesday! 

Join the team here – totally free – no credit card needed

Here’s the bottom line:

If it’s important to you to help others add more nutrition to their lifestyles and to do the same for yourself this could be for you. 

If you can see the vision of how you can support entrepreneurs, moms, or your niche by helping them get easy ways to add nutrition into their lives, for a better life, this could be for you. 

This is for the action takers, the vision makers, the people who are not afraid to share the message! If you’d love to get paid to get more nutrition into your body resulting in higher energy, better productivity and a better quality of life then this could be for you! 

Talk soon!

Angela Wills

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