Email Marketing is a Practice

Email marketing is a practice. 

It creates a lifestyle that many dream of. 

It allows you to not be tied to your computer. 

It lets you live life on your terms. 

In 2014 when Ella was born I made $42k. Doesn’t sound like amazing money but I know for a FACT the first few months I worked HOURS a month. I’d be lucky if I worked 3 hours a week in the first few months. I paid about $500 for two VAs to help me and a few hundred dollars a month for my expenses. 

By 2016 I was still only working maybe 15 hours a week and I’d upped my income to $79k. Then up to $121k in 2018. She was four years old by then and I had spent a LOT of time being a mombie (mom zombie) from lack of sleep yet I still grew the business. 

Those years proved to me without a doubt that money I earn was not directly related to hours I worked. I had worked about 50-60 hours a WEEK when I quit my job in 2007-2008 and became a VA, and in 2008 I made only $35k.

To summarize:

  • 2014 – 2018 —> Raising baby & Raising business up to six figures on between 3-15 hours a week ($121k in 2018)
  • 2007-2008 –> Working my but off for clients at 50-60 hours a week and earned about what I made working 40 hrs a week for someone else ($35k in 2008)

The stark contrast really had me decide that I will never again try to earn money by sheer determination of “hard work”… I had to work, but I would work SMART. 

That is where digital offers, recurring income and email marketing gave me a turn around and life I wanted. 

Email marketing creates huge time leverage. 

It sure didn’t happen by accident, either. 

I was a prolific email marketer by the point Ella was born. I was emailing daily for many years.

I’m not talking about pushy sales, either. 

Simply offering people what I have and letting them choose to buy it if it fits. Also, recurring income through a membership is a major part of the reason I kept growing and growing my income. 

I planned for nine months of pregnancy expecting I’d have less time (but I didn’t realize I’d have that much less). 

Email marketing is there for those times in life when you can just do the BARE MINIMUM – when that happens… email can be your one and only thing. 

In other times… you can CHOOSE for it to be that one thing.  

THIS is what Email Practice Club is about. 

It’s about the results and life you get to live as a prolific email marketer. 

Life can look like this:

  • Generate income even when LIFE happens (babies, illness, etc). 
  • Being present for the important moments while working in emails on your schedule. 
  • Being location independent. Digital Nomad if you wish, yes, but even if you just want to work from the coffee shop, at a friend’s house or a coworking space – email is easy to do anywhere (even on your phone if you want). 
  • Lifestyle FREEDOM – I choose not to let clients dictate my hours, work or anything. My income is generate by hundreds of people buying my products, not a few clients who bought my time. My time is MINE and that is lifestyle freedom to me. 


As a founding member of Email Practice Club you’ll save 20% off the price and you’ll never pay more. 

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