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The Do What You Love Summit is a time-limited training opportunity from March 23rd to 27th. During that time you'll gain access to all training to watch online. If you'd love to have these training to watch ANYTIME after we release them on March 23rd you can grab the download version for only $17. 


  • How Clutter Impacts Your Productivity, Mindset, Happiness & Income and what you can do about it! by Gael Wood
  • Are You Over the Edge on Current Events? by Shirley Noah
  • The Power of Lifelong Learning by Leslie Bouldin

Business Foundations, Marketing & Sales:

  • Sales Funnels Value Ladder Training by Mary Silver
  • Four PILLARS of An Online Coaching Business by Dr. Melissa Tranquille
  • Install and Track Your Clicks With Google Analytics by Bo Johnson
  • Quick Tips to Keeping Your Website Maintained & Secure by Renee Shupe
  • 6 Proven Marketing Strategies for Getting Clients that just Work! by Mark Hunter

Content & Graphics:

  • Canva Design Masterclass by Angelique Duffield
  • How To Use Canva To Create Fresh Pins On Pinterest by Vicki Patton
  • Use PLR to Build Your Dream Business by Norma Allen Esler
  • Why You Need Mighty Content Repurposing for Your Business by Jennifer Burke

Healthy Living & Family Life:

  • Smart, Intuitive Eating in a Diet Obsessed World by Cheryl A Major
  • 5 Tips to Get Your Child to Cooperate and Complete Chores by Dr Renee Cohn Jones

BONUS One Month FREE of Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity!

The Do What You Love Summit is a project from the members of the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity. We're very proud of our members and all they offer! It's so difficult for me to rely to you the extreme value there is in joining a community like ours so I'll just SHOW YOU by offering you a 30-day free pass into the membership.

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  • Frequent partnerships and collaborations just like this summit - so you don't just get theory and training - you get results!
  • Supportive, amazing networking community. Like the offline business groups without the required attendance or forced referrals! ;) 
  • Library of training on how to build a business around your LIFE so you can build a business that always leaves room for everything you want to do!

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