The Daily Moneymaker Challenge:
Everyday offers = Everyday sales.
It's that simple.

You won't make sales consistently, day after day, until you put in daily, consistent effort. Let's make that happen with the Daily Moneymaker Challenge!  

I didn't want to promote "too much"...

Hello there! I'm Angela Wills. Since 2007 I've been helping people build online businesses and make money. 

I've made close to 1 million dollars from online products and offers in the process.  It took me over TEN YEARS to get to a six figure business. 

I was shy at first. I didn't want to promote "too much" or really shine "too bright".

So I held back. 

Look the truth is you can't bother the RIGHT people, the people who love your message and want to hear from you. Those are the people you talk to when you promote your products.

Forget the rest.

When I REALLY got this and really started believing that my message didn't have to be on a drip feed I started offering it like a water hose on max! 

I didn't hold back my offers. 

When I tell people they can make 10-15 offers PER DAY they don't really believe it at first. They don't really see how it's possible. 

I assure you that you can do so much more than send that ONE email. 

It won't cost you a ton more time, you won't have to create ten times more content and you won't be wearing out your welcome anywhere. 

About two years ago I created the Daily Moneymaker Challenge and I had over 100 people participate in the challenge. People were amazed at how EASY it was to do daily offers, and many! 

So I've decided to revive this challenge, dust it off and polish it up and run it again. Starting on Feb. 1st I welcome you to join, for the full month of February, the Daily Moneymaker Challenge!

Invitation to the Daily Moneymaker Challenge!

The Daily Moneymaker Challenge will train you on how to create a daily money goal and then decide on the tasks you need to do DAILY to go after that goal.

Like any goal this won't happen overnight. It takes consistency and purposeful action. That's what the challenge is all about. 

The challenge itself is fairly simple. Once you know how to set yourself multiple money-task goals for the day all you do is set yourself time each day to do them. 

Here are our steps:

  • Step 1 – Determine Your Daily Money Goal
  • Step 2 – Create a Weekly Plan
  • Step 3 – Execute Daily Moneymaker Activities
  • Step 4 – Review Progress & Repeat!


The second part of this challenge is accountability. 

We're going to meet in a Voxer group. Voxer is an app you can install on your phone and send voice, text or photo messages. The reason I choose Voxer is I've seen more and more people turning away or not wanting to go on the Facebook and I myself am on a break from the site for 60 days.

So I thought we could try an experiment together!

Check in via Voxer every day. Maybe in the morning, maybe in the evening... up to you!  

So I hope you'll join this challenge! It's only $17 and I'll be sending you the fully updated Daily Moneymaker Action Guide on January 29th. We start on Feb. 1st!

See you there? Sign up by clicking "Buy Now" below and see you on the inside!

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